Three little girls were in danger of drowning in Lake Michigan until a 5-monts pregnant woman heroically grabbed them…

Even though Alyssa DeWitt is five months pregnant with her fourth child, she did not let the fact that she was pregnant stop her from rushing to the aid of the children who were being threatened by the violent waves.

First Street Beach iwas the destination for Alyssa, her three small children, and herself on May 25. That particular day had a lot of wind, and as a result, she was debating whether or not to cancel the trip and just remain at home instead.

Alyssa, on the other hand, believed that it was imperative for her to go. And so it was.

When they got there, she made the decision to wait on the right side of the beach, near the pier, where everyone else was. Alyssa said that they had never been to that side, but she had the feeling that it would be better for them to remain there.

On that day, the waves were very enormous due to the roaring winds. Alyssa watched as a trio of young girls entered the water of the lake and made their way farther out into the middle of the body of water.

The next thing she was aware of, a pair of arms were moving in the water in front of her. Alyssa had an instantaneous realization that they were in a precarious situation.

The mother did not waste time and promptly grabbed her children out of the water. Her children were aged 6, 3, and 2, and she instructed them to remain on the beach and wait there.

After that, she went towards the edge of the pier close to where the females were having difficulty. Alyssa called 911, but due to the high gusts, the operator had a hard time understanding what she was saying.

Unfortuitously, there was no one else on that side of the shore who could assist her in her predicament. Alyssa put her phone down as she remained on the line with 911. After that, she got down on her stomach along the edge of the pier and attempted to bring the three girls to safety by dragging herself along the ground.

There were a few occasions in which she was successful in pulling them partially out of the water; however, the waves would soon arrive, crash against them, and force them back into the ocean.

Alyssa came dangerously close to falling over the edge of the pier herself, but because to her unanticipated “super strength,” she was finally able to pull all three of the other females over the wall.

The girls were fortunate in that they merely sustained cuts and bruises. Additionally, the pregnant woman and her unborn child have both been examined, and both were found to be in good health.

She advised parents to emphasise the importance of water safety to their children in a message that she shared on Facebook, stating that accidents like this “can happen so quickly.”

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