Three-Year-Old Steals The Show Featuring a Delightful Irish Step Dancing Performance

Some folks are simply born to dance!

Zoe Surrell, three, of Orlando, Florida, went out to supper with her family when she noticed Irish step dancers in action. The courageous toddler jumped onto the dance floor to try to imitate the lighter-than-air dancers, so her parents decided to enroll her in step dancing lessons at Finnegan Academy of Irish Dance. Months later, Zoe was ready for her first public performance – and she nailed it!

Zoe not only danced wonderfully, but she also looked so gorgeous in her traditional dress that she ended up stealing the event. As the other dancers smiled at the young kid, Zoe mounted the stage to demonstrate her exquisite footwork.

The crowd couldn’t stop smiling! When mom Meghan Surrell shared the video online, it instantly went viral with over 5 million views. Now, Zoe is in demand nationwide, and Meghan is fielding interview requests left and right.

“All of a sudden it just kind of blew up,” mom said with a laugh. “I had people asking, ‘When is she dancing next? I want to come to see her!’ So I had to start her own Instagram page.”

Watch the video below to see why everyone is so charmed by Zoe, and don’t forget to share.

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