Three years after a woman was told that her baby had passed away after birth, she discovered that another couple had adopted her child…

On September 6, 2017, Damea Morris reportedly gave birth to her daughter at home. It is said that the baby’s father walked out to get assistance in order to help Damea get through the delivery of the kid.

He then reportedly returned with a lady who assisted Damea until the paramedics arrived at the scene;  the infant was not breathing, and the lady was the one who reportedly told her not to breastfeed RaeLa despite the fact that she was not a medical professional.

The woman and infant were finally transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital where they were treated for their conditions. At this time, things took an unexpectedly drastic turn for the worst. The mother was given advance notice that her newborn daughter would not make it.

When Damea and her husband were discharged from the hospital, they did not even get a birth certificate; all they had with them was a photograph of the baby and an urn that had been supplied by the hospital.

On the same day, another couple named Joanna and Jake Lentner left St. Joseph’s Hospital with the news that they would be the adoptive parents of a child.

The day after it was reported that Damea had lost her baby, Joanna and Jake got a phone call from the hospital informing them that they had one more patient who may be adopted before the maternity ward was shut down.

On September 6, 2017, the adoption process between Joanna and Jake was finished, the same day that Damea’s baby passed away.

After a number of years had passed, Damea mentioned on Facebook that her child was still alive, “It’s been about three years since then. We were notified by Saint Joseph’s Hospital that our little daughter RaeLa had passed away.

As we fought to make sense of all that had happened to us, our lives were irrevocably altered; it has been incredibly challenging and puzzling all at the same time.

Only to find out lately that there is a good chance that we were tricked, and that our kid is probably still alive, although with a different family elsewhere in the world (Mind you, we were never granted a Death certificate of any kind).

After finding out that her baby had passed away, it was said that Damea made an effort to get a certificate for RaeLa and even sought the assistance of a lawyer. That’s when she learned that Joanna Lentner had an open adoption arrangement with her family.

People who viewed the screenshots of the tale were astonished to discover out that anything similar to this might really occur.

Some users on Twitter went so far as to publish screenshots from Joanna and Jake Lentner’s website, which they believe to be the location where the couple was supposedly discussing updates on their journey to become parents.

Both the blog and the page devoted to Joanna’s photography, which was known as Joanna Mae Photography, have been deleted. After some time, the couple’s other accounts across other social media platforms were likewise deleted.’

Damea created a GoFundMe page, which she subsequently deleted, with the intention of soliciting monetary contributions from people in order to pay for RaeLa’s legal representation so that she could finally find out what had happened to her.

“I just need some help finding out how to get custody of my kid back,” the mother said.

Through all of life’s trials and tragedies, the one thing that has kept me going has been my children. My situation isn’t ideal, but I don’t believe I deserve to have any of those things taken away from me.”

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