Through DNA testing, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick discovered they are cousins; it was “unsettling” 

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have been married the longest in Hollywood. They have raised two gorgeous children who have followed in their parents’ footsteps throughout the three decades they have been married.

After doing a DNA test years after their marriage, the “Footloose” star and “The Closer” actress discovered they were distant relatives.

Even if the test results were alarming, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick’s relationship has grown stronger over time.


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Kevin Bacon (born July 8, 1958) and Kyra Sedgwick (born August 19, 1965) originally met in a play in the 1970s. Sedgwick was 12 at the time and had just returned from seeing the matinée with her brother.

They reconnected in 1987 while working on the PBS film “Lemon Sky.” Sedgwick was certain at the time that Bacon was not her type.

When he hopped into the vehicle they were being picked up in after his dog, she perceived him as arrogant and smug. Sedgwick also believed Bacon thought of himself as cool.

In an interview, she stated that she was astonished that other females admired his behind as he walked away. Sedgwick had no idea it would be one of her favorite elements of Bacon’s body.

While Sedgwick believed Bacon was aloof, he thought she was both lovely and aloof. He fell in love with her right away, but she was turned off by him.

The actress from “Labor Pains” subsequently concluded Bacon was a nice person, and the pair married on September 4, 1988. She was 23 at the time, and Bacon was 30.

Sedgwick had no idea she’d get married so soon. She had begun acting professionally at the age of 16 and aspired to be a famous actor; having a kid at the age of 23 was not one of her aspirations.

When he first left home when they were young, Bacon described himself as a slob who lived in a pigsty. He also characterized his first residence as a roach-infested nightmare. Sedgwick, on the other hand, was messier than Bacon when they first met.


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They have been able to hold the turmoil at bay in their house by celebrating their small victories and moments together, such as their first selfie.

Bacon took to Instagram to post their first photo together, in which they posed in beachwear. Sedgwick was dressed in a high-cut black bikini, while Bacon was dressed in a pair of beach shorts with his arm around her.

The pair appeared to be in love and charming. Bacon reminded the younger generation that cameras and phones used to be two distinct things!


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Bacon proposed to Sedgwick during the Christmas holidays, just a few months into their relationship. He slipped the ring he bought into the toe of the stocking, proposed, and she answered “yes.”

Decades after their marriage, the pair disclosed that it wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine, as they had had what they term their “greatest argument.”

Sedgwick wanted to return to Manhattan, but Bacon preferred to remain in Connecticut. The struggle was lengthy, but the pair learned not to “strike below the belt.”


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They’re not made that way, and they’ve both decided over time that they don’t want to fight. They’ve learned to discuss issues and come to a consensus on what’s best for them.

And occasionally, doing what is best for them may include one individual making sacrifices that benefit the entire family. They recognize when it is their moment to lead.

When they started having children, Sedgwick realized she needed to be there for her children and chose to take a break from her job. She worked for less and stayed in New York because they wanted to raise their children in New York, despite the fact that more employment was available in Los Angeles.


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Years ago, the couple consented to take part in PBS’s “Finding Your Roots,” a television show about family lineage, and Bacon was astounded by the results.

Bacon’s ancestors were found to have come from Bristol, and his 22nd great-grandfather was King Edward I, who was known as the “Hammer of the Scots” for defeating William Wallace.

Bacon was also discovered to be Brad Pitt’s 13th cousin twice removed. He and President Obama are 12th cousins, three times removed, with a common grandfather called Anthony Woolhouse.

Not only that but Sedgwick was presented to her 9th cousin once removed. Her husband happened to be her cousin. “She knew it,” Sedgwick cried, but Bacon wasn’t so sure.


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Even though Bacon joked that he wasn’t receiving enough attention because of who he was related to, he didn’t consider being cousins with his wife to be a kind of flattery. He stated,

“It almost seemed like a joke at my expense, you know?”

The news was “a bit unnerving,” according to Sedgwick, but she was okay with it as long as they were not first cousins.


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With their marriage being one of the oldest in Hollywood, Sedgwick is frequently approached by individuals who want to know the secret to her successful and long marriage.

Although she joked that the secret to a good marriage is to avoid celebrity marital counsel, she feels she and Bacon were fortunate.

She does have one bit of advice, and that is that individuals must have a piece of completeness inside themselves before they can allow someone to love them the way they need to be loved.


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Bacon took to Instagram on their wedding anniversary in 2021 to share a photo of him dancing with his wife. He applauded dancing through life with Sedgwick in the post, reminding her that she is the cause.

Bacon and Sedgwick are proud parents of two self-sufficient children. Travis, their first child, was born on June 23, 1989. He studied audio engineering and made his acting debut in “Loverboy” in 2005.

With his musical inclination, he joined the metal band White Widows Pact in 2015 before joining the metal band Black Anvil as a guitarist in 2016.

Travis is a solo artist who created songs for his parents’ 2017 film “Story of a Girl” and has made music for other films while running a recording studio in New York.

Sosie, their daughter who likes to sing, was born on March 15, 1992, studied acting and musical theater, had her acting debut in 2005’s “Loverboy,” and has since acted in a slew of films and TV episodes.

On motherhood, Sedgwick claimed that she is not an overbearing mother like she was in “Call Your Mother.” She tried not to interfere and instead waited for her children to ask her opinion.

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