Through their close friendship, the biological mother and stepmother are working to “change the stereotypes associated with co-parenting”…

Tiffany Paskas and Megan Storz  have figured out one method to build a mixed family in which everyone gets along and everything runs well.

Michael, who is now 11 years old, is Storz’s son, and she and her ex-husband have joint custody of him with Paskas, who is now married to Storz’s ex-husband.

It was not until after a significant amount of time had passed – precisely four years – that the ladies were eventually even able to communicate with one another as they navigated the uncomfortable process of getting to know one another.

They made gradual progress in determining how they might assist Michael feel more at ease with his new living circumstances by working together to figure out how they could help him.

Storz and Paskas have not only found a way to get along with one another and be wonderful co-parents together with Paskas’ spouse, but they are also now the best of friends.

In the beginning, Paskas and Storz became friends as a means to further the interests of their respective children: “it was four years before we ever chatted—I mean, four years of awkwardness—not saying anything other than a brief little ‘Hi, we simply didn’t realize it was OK to communicate'” Paskas recounted.

Storz said that she did her best for her son Michael and that she put forth a lot of work as he did not want to indicate that he was having a nice time at each home because he was scared about upsetting the other house.

“And that was one hundred percent of the reason why I went out to (Tiffany), because I witnessed that personally and was like that’s not OK,” she said.

Now, Storz and Paskas refer to themselves as the Moms of Tampa and spread their message about “changing the stigma with co-parenting” across a variety of social media platforms.

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