Tina Turner has reached the age of 83, but she wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for her husband, who donated his kidney so she could live…

Tina Turner, an American singer who was born in Switzerland, had her 83rd birthday on November 26, 2022.

The music producer and her husband of nine years, Erwin Bach, is largely responsible for the fact that the singer of “What’s Love Got to Do with It” has reached the age of 83. In order to save the life of his wife, the native German guy paid the ultimate sacrifice.

It was “love at first sight” for Turner when she first laid eyes on her future husband.

The two came into contact with one another when he was required to pick her up from the airport in Germany before to a performance. Upon first meeting, she had the impression that they had a profound connection with one other.

Turner said that the first time she saw Bach, her heart skipped a beat and she was stunned by his wonderful features.  She pointed out that it all indicated that she had discovered true love.

The native of Tennessee said that there were many things going on at the time that might have easily made her disregard Bach, but instead, she decided to follow her hunch and make it her goal to learn more about Bach.

On the other hand, the music executive, who is 17 years younger, did not initially share these sentiments. Bach subsequently claimed that he was working throughout the trip, but he and Turner got along swimmingly during the journey.

Soon after, his sentiments shifted, and he found himself falling just as deeply for her as she did for him. Despite having been together for 27 years, the pair did not get married until 2013.

Turner announced her retirement from the music industry on May 5, 2009, and followed it up with a tour across the globe to bring the curtain down on her career of worldwide triumph.

When the megastar gave her final performance, she was about 70 years old and took the stage for the final time in Sheffield, England.

After she retired, she began to suffer from serious health problems. Turner had a stroke and was diagnosed with colon cancer, but she was able to beat both of these illnesses. The singer well known for her hit “Proud Mary” learned that she had kidney cancer in December of 2016.

Turner spoke about the harrowing experience in her book titled “My Love Story,” where she said that she was only given two choices: to either undergo “normal dialysis” or a “kidney transplant.”

She had a greater chance of surviving if she could have an organ transplant, but the prospects for her to acquire one were very restricted. Thankfully, her long-time boyfriend came to her aid at the crucial moment.

Bach volunteered to donate his beloved wife one of his kidneys, but the mere suggestion was enough to send her into an immediate state of awe. “He said that he had no interest in another life or another lady, after that, he astonished me. He reportedly expressed a desire to donate one of his kidneys to me.”

Still in amazement, Turner emphasized the tremendous sensation she felt because of the vast efforts Bach had gone to guarantee that she was to live for as long as possible in spite of the fact that she was in disbelief.

The woman known as the “Queen of Rock and Roll” is now spending her retirement in Zurich, Switzerland, with her husband. The lovebirds have now called Europe their home for many decades.

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