To End Their Rivalry at School, Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum Took Their Daughters on Extensive “Play Dates…”

When Channing Tatum thinks back to one of the first occasions he met Sandra Bullock, he says it was in the office of the principle of their kids’ school, after the two of them had been into a couple of fights at the school.

But there is no cause for concern for supporters. They are all doing well at this time.

The 42-year-old actor was asked if it was true that he met his The Lost City co-star at the office of his daughter’s principal. At that point, he proceeded to tell the story about the reason why he and his co-star used to interact with each other a lot at the school where their daughters had previously attended.

“We didn’t meet there but we certainly had perhaps one of of our more connecting discussions there.

It was a lot of fun when our daughters, Laila, 11, and Everly, 9, got into a couple of fights at school due to the fact that they are both very, very strong-willed young girls.” Laila is Bullock’s daughter, and Everly is Tatum’s daughter, but do they still have a problem with each other?

Tatum squealed with excitement, “They adore each other now. They just can’t get enough of one another’s company. They want nothing more than to spend all of their time together.”

Back in March, Bullock gave an interview in which she discussed the warm bond that her daughter and Tatum’s daughter had developed over the course of “whole months” of spending the night at each other’s houses while their parents were working on The Lost City.

When asked whether Laila and Everly were best friends after the time they spent on set with their parents, Bullock said, “They are.”

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