To survive, an 80-year-old man must work as a school janitor. He’ll never forget what the school’s students did for him

Life, they say, is what occurs to us while we are engaged in creating and carrying out our plans. Nothing is permanent, yet difficult circumstances may occasionally last far longer than expected. Moreover, bad surprises and tribulations usually arrive unannounced!

This could not be more accurate for a senior citizen who had worked tirelessly and with fervor throughout his entire life. He decided to retire in the end so that he could relax, unwind, and enjoy the rest of his life without having to work too hard. He had no idea that he would soon be compelled to reassess his decision!

Yet the question remained: why did the elderly guy have to consider things? However, nothing went as planned, and everything flipped upside down when his landlord hiked the rent to about $400 per month.

Marti Yousko, one of the pupils, said she learned about Mr. James’ experience in one of her classes and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Even though the older person worked hard and never skipped out on his responsibilities, he was not able to enjoy his retirement. He struggled to pay rent while still feeding his family, paying bills, and covering other obligations.

As a result, he had to resign and return to work because that was the only way he could live. Hence, after working in a different industry, he began working as a school janitor in Cooke County, Texas, in January 2023.

Several adults and children called him Mr. James because he was an older man who worked quietly and didn’t complain. Every day, he went about his business, cleaning up after students, hauling enormous garbage cans, and scrubbing floors. Everyone, even the principal, Jason Hooper, held him in high regard.

Things improved once his heartbreaking narrative reached three kids at Callisburg High School in Calisburg, Texas. The young people made a decision to assist him in any way they could as a result of his terrible circumstances.

Marti Yousko, one of the pupils, said she learned about Mr. James’ experience in one of her classes and couldn’t stop thinking about it. She mentioned how she and her friends saw it as a message to do something for him, such as organize a fundraiser and use the power of social media to make it go viral.

Yousko, her friend Banner Tidwell, and another student, Greyson Thurman, got together to help the 80-year-old janitor by starting a campaign. Thurman developed a crowdfunding campaign with a $10,000 objective; astonishingly, it surpassed the goal and raised nearly $28,000 in under two days.

Thurman also shared the tale on TikTok, bringing to light that Mr. James was forced to return to work in order to make ends meet, adding, “My classmates and I detest seeing Mr. James here; no one his age should have to clean up our mistakes in order to survive.”

After a few days, the GoFundMe campaign had raised more than $160,000, which surprised and pleased the Calisburg youngsters. As more donations came in, the thoughtful students boosted the goal to $200,000.

More than $244,000 have been collected as of February 24, 2023. According to an update on the online fundraiser titled “Getting Mr. James out of this school,” Thurman thanked everyone for their donations and support and for making the campaign successful. He went on to say:

“You have all had a significant influence on him that will last a lifetime.” We will leave the GoFundMe donation link open until noon on Friday, February 24th, so he can enjoy his retirement. God bless everyone!

The tremendous reaction to the campaign surprised everyone, including Thurman, Yousko, and Tidwell. Many Calisbury students, their families, and others helped Mr. James by contributing to the fundraising. Thurman stated:

“I believe God has asked us all to do it.” When I heard, “Greyson, you should publish it,” something heavy in my heart told me, “Greyson, you had to do it or this person is going to remain working here.”

According to Fox 4 News, Mr. James was nervous to do an interview but appreciated everyone’s support and had no worries about sharing his experience. Calisburg Principal Hooper stated that the elderly janitor was appreciative of the children but preferred to remain anonymous.

Hooper said it was amazing to see the news spreading and how the children banded together to support a man in need. It was also said that Mr. James had not yet given his notice and was still working at the Texas school. But we’re confident it will arrive sooner rather than later!

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