Tom Brady gives an explanation as to why he told his children that he hopes they would fail in their endeavors…

Tom Brady is drawing comparisons between the life lessons he’s learned and the ones he’s picked up on the football field.

After the setback suffered by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the previous Sunday, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and co-host Jim Gray discussed the importance of resiliency on their Let’s Go podcast.

“You will make many attempts in life, and most of them will be unsuccessful, it’s an inevitable aspect of life. We put in effort and put a lot of pressure on ourselves to try something new, but the results are not what we had hoped for. So what do you do? Do you care less?

Do you care more? Or do you attempt to learn from the experience, develop from the experience, and discover the resilience that we all want to teach our children? Do you accept the event for what it was and try to learn and grow from it?”

After that, Brady went on to explain why he believes it is important for his three children — daughter Vivian Lake, age 10, son Benjamin Rein, age 13, both of whom he shares with ex-girlfriend Gisele Bündchen, and son John “Jack” Edward, age 15, who he shares with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan — to learn how to be resilient.

The explanation provided by Brady, 45, was as follows: “I don’t want everything to go well for my kids all the time. I told them, “I want you guys to fail because I want to see what you’re made of if and when you fail.”

I stated this because I want to see what kind of people they are.” After that, Brady said, “Because we can’t expect life to be a bed of roses, we need to learn how to bounce back from adversity. You should know that is taught in schools.

That is one of the many things that may be learned via sports participation.”

When Brady was asked whether his three children are frightened of failing, he said, “In our modern environment, I believe that it is quite difficult for anybody to acknowledge that they are capable of failing or of saying the incorrect thing.

Even the admission that you have failed may have severe consequences, as the adage goes, “people pile on.””

The quarterback remarked that life is about gaining knowledge and developing meaningful relationships, and he expressed his appreciation for the fact that he has “these great children to learn from,” adding that he strives to be a good parent and be present for his children, as well as a good example and role model.

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