Tom Cruise has banned Nicole Kidman from attending their son’s wedding as Kidman is not…

In one of the recent interview, Nicole Kidman shared a bit of insight into the daily life of her children from her relationship with Tom Cruise.

The actress said that her daughter Isabella, 26, is married and resides in England, while her son Connor, 24, is in Miami and works in the music industry there.

“Bella lives just outside London,” Kidman added of her daughter, who has only lately created a T-shirt brand called BKC. You should realize that she really identifies more with the English.

“Eyes Wide Shut,” “Mission Impossible,” and “The Portrait of a Lady” were all filmed there, and we resided there throughout their production. When they were little, both of them spoke with an English accent.”

It has been stated that both of the children follow the Scientology religion practiced by their famous actor father.

Most recently, Bella appeared in a Scientology promotional film in which she discussed the process of becoming an auditor. This statement from Kidman comes after a rumor that Cruise personally prevented Kidman from receiving an invitation to Connor’s forthcoming wedding.

According to insider, “Tom is behind this and what he wants is as good as law.  Tom was the one who initiated the call, and Connor responded.

First, Tom would never even think of asking Nicole to Connor’s wedding since the church views her as a’suppressive person.  The second reason is that he does not want her to be there and as Connor holds his father in the highest regard and would never disrespect Tom because of this reverence.”

It is said that Connor and his Italian fiancée first met in Italy, the country in where she had previously resided with her Scientologist family. In the meanwhile, it is not known how often or what sort of contact Nicole Kidman has with her children.

If Kidman is, in fact, classified as a “suppressive person” by Scientology, then her children would most likely be barred from communicating with their mother.

The Academy Award–winning actress most recently discussed her relationship with Cruise and their children  “I’m pretty private about them. It is necessary for me to safeguard those ties.

They are able to choose their own courses of action on their own and as they have chosen to be Scientologists, for me as a mother, it is my responsibility to love them despite the choices they have made.”

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