Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri sings the cover of Frank Sinatra’s “Blue Moon” in the 2022 film. Fans are in awe and praise Suri for her incredible voice

Since her difficult divorce from her ex-husband, “Top Gun” actor Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes has raised her daughter, Suri Cruise, on her own for the past 10 years.

In an interview with Instyle in 2020, Holmes claimed that her main goal was to cultivate Suri’s individuality and raise her as a strong, confident, and capable human being. She commended Suri, saying she was diligent and a hard worker.

The 16-year-old has acquired a strong personality as well. Holmes has thought of her as exceptional since she was a child, and the actress couldn’t be happier with the person her daughter has become.

Following her swift divorce from Cruise, the actress began parenting her baby on her own. Even though Holmes never completely accepted it, Cruise replied affirmatively when asked if Holmes left their marriage to protect their daughter from his problematic faith.

He did, however, point out that his engagement with the Church of Scientology was not the only component of the divorce. Following their divorce in 2012, they established a custody agreement that gave Cruise 10 days per month with his daughter. However, it appears that he has not accomplished this in the recent decade.

According to insiders, Cruise and his daughter, who bears many similarities to her parents, have been apart for some years. According to reports, the two last saw each other in 2012, when they were seen together at Disneyland.

According to an insider, Cruise opted not to visit his daughter since she no longer practices Scientology. According to People, they added:

“Everyone has the right to visit their child if they so desire.” He declines since she is not a Scientologist.

Despite Suri growing up without seeing her father, Holmes has made it a priority to teach her to be purposeful and diligent, and her efforts have paid off. In “Alone Together,” a movie that her mother wrote, directed, and starred Holmes as June, Suri made her acting debut as a singer.

Suri performs a song from Frank Sinatra’s “Blue Moon” in the 2022 film about two strangers who end up in the same upstate New York Airbnb.

When asked why she picked her daughter to handle the vocals, Holmes explained that Suri was incredibly gifted, and when looking for someone with a good voice, picking her daughter was a no-brainer.

The actress claimed that she was seeking someone with the greatest degree of skill, and her daughter met the criteria. During an interview with Instyle, the actress stated:

“She has a lot of skill.” She said she’d do it, so she did, and I let her do her thing. In general, that’s how I direct. “This is what I believe we all want, and then go do your thing,” she says.

Suri is gifted in many ways, but her strongest similarity to her mother—apart from the eerie features—is her powerful voice. After the release of “Alone Together,” admirers couldn’t help but notice how much she sounded like her mother.

Her heavenly voice complements her mother’s soft, sweet, and soothing tones, and she has established herself as a celebrity. Fans reacted to a YouTube video by Alex R, pointing out that with a voice as heavenly as hers, she might make a career in music.

One fan, @Sally Smith, expressed her gratitude that Suri sang in the movie’s opening credits and paid such homage to the song.

“She avoided the modern mistakes of many who load songs with a plethora of scales performed throughout. Her voice sounded great and well-trained, and she didn’t need to overperform! It was a delight to hear about a celebrity youngster who, after completing her homework, controls the spotlight! Bravo!” Smith continued.

Another fan, Crystal Cove, stated that she couldn’t stop watching the clip just to hear the music again. “She sounds fantastic and has excellent vocal control.” “I’m blown away.” She penned a letter.

As the comments started rolling in, one could not help but note how delighted fans were with Suri, with one @MaidelsMarie complimenting her voice for being “crystal clear” and “pitch perfect.” “I wasn’t expecting much, but it turned out to be a pretty nice performance.” “I’m hoping to hear more from her.” She stated.

@David Thomas, a fan, remarked on Suri’s wonderful voice. He couldn’t help but marvel at how Cruise could hear his kid sing and still refuse to meet her. He expressed his surprise that the actor picked his church above his daughter.

@Meemee Zong believed Suri’s voice was wonderful and predicted that if she pursued a singing career, she would be successful, while another admirer, @MaMaCass, remarked how her voice resembled Holmes’, saying:

“In her daughter’s singing, you can hear Katie’s voice.”

Other admirers remarked on how Suri had taken after her parents and sounded precisely like them. “Wow! She inherited rem skills from her parents. Excellent work. Tina Belair commented. Another user echoed that sentiment, writing: “Wow! “Her father, Tom, is also a fantastic singer!”

Cotton Candy Sandi, another admirer who was impressed by Suri’s voice, responded by comparing it to that of singer, actress, and activist Doris Day, who began her career as a big band vocalist in 1939 and attained commercial success in 1945. Sandi was also surprised by Suri’s choice to perform the song in opposition to the Billie Holiday arrangement.

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