Tom Selleck claimed that his body let him “down,” yet he refuses to dye his hair and does “grunt work” at his ranch

Despite the fact that his body has gradually aged and “let him down,” Tom Selleck appears to have swallowed the elixir of life. At 77, the actor who acknowledged being like his father oozes vitality and cheerfulness; he refuses to color his hair and continues to work on farms.

Tom Selleck, at the age of 77, remains astonishingly nimble in both his professional and personal lives. The Hollywood celebrity began his career as a famed series actor, initially starring as a private investigator in “Magnum P.I.”

More than two decades later, he won viewers’ hearts as NYC Police Commissioner Frank Reagan in the blockbuster crime series “Blue Bloods.”

Although there was speculation that Selleck might depart the show, a source said that he was “weary of the Hollywood grind.” However, CBS stated that the program will return for a 13th season with the actor in the lead.

Selleck’s statement about his tenure on the program bolstered accusations that the “Blue Bloods” actor had no concept of retiring. “It’s a godsend!” he said. “I enjoy what I do and want to continue doing it.”

Even though he is determined to keep performing, the 77-year-old has been honest about the problems he has had.

In a flashback interview, Selleck discussed his health, including when he believed his body was in terrific form, how his body let him down, and his attitude toward aging.

Fans’ favorite “Blue Bloods” star did not mince words while discussing his aging experience, including health difficulties and his thoughts on stunts.

In the midst of addressing the allegations, Selleck has been open about how he feels as an older man. While discussing the changes he has gone through, the actor also discussed what he does to keep the aging process healthy.

Selleck said that his physique changed in ways that felt strange to him as he aged. This was due to the consequences of his previous stunts during his career. In his own words:

“Well, it disappoints me in the sense that I can’t or won’t do what I used to… My back is in a bad way. “When you do stunts in movies—and I do a lot of them—you take a risk, but you also sit a lot.”

Selleck claimed that it was not just unusual for him but also for his friends whose careers focused on stunts. He noted that the feats did not appear tough at the time, but that it was only the cost of years of indulgence. He claims that:

“And I believe the price—I see it with colleagues, and I talk to them occasionally.” Just look at the cost of all those antics. “They weren’t difficult, but I guess it’s the stop-and-go nature of everything.”

Tom Selleck on Aging, Activities, and Life at His Ranch at the Age of 77
Despite addressing the reports regarding his absence from the CBS series, the gossip mills cranked out another piece of information about his deteriorating health. According to the allegations, Selleck suffered from severe arthritis, and a stunt double was hired to stand in for him. According to the source:

“Macho Tom is disintegrating right before our eyes.”

Again, Selleck was quick to refute these charges; during a heart-to-heart with G.Q., he claimed that he lives a healthy and balanced lifestyle and works hard on his sprawling ranch. He stated:

“I dislike going to the gym.” I have a 63-acre ranch where I perform a lot of the grunt labor. Planting trees and clearing brush, I planted around a hundred antique oaks for us. “I’m sure I’ve planted a thousand trees personally.”

In the midst of addressing the allegations, Selleck has been open about how he feels as an older man. While discussing the changes he has gone through, the actor also discussed what he does to keep the aging process healthy.

According to the “Blue Bloods” actor, not dyeing his hair, accepting the change, and remaining in shape through heart-pumping hobbies like competitive softball and baseball have done wonders.

Although he is familiar with golf, it is not his favorite sport; he only plays because his father requires him to. Selleck had a close relationship with his father, and as an adult, he considers himself to be a chip off the old block. When asked about his resemblance to his father, he said,

“I’m becoming more like him.” I hear him in some of the topics I talk about. I occasionally hear him talking to my kid. I’m not sure what it was—my father was a fantastic man and a great example.

Selleck is a man who is content with the way things are and is reluctant to adjust his beliefs to match any society’s narrative or norm. So far, the actor is pleased with his salt-and-pepper hair. The 77-year-old is happy with his life and would rather enjoy it than give up his beliefs about getting older.

Despite the pressure from others, he gallantly maintained that he never colored his hair. Interestingly, Selleck considers his hair color to be a blessing rather than a curse. Selleck disclosed:

“One thing I did not do was color my hair.” I’m tired of hearing that I color my hair! This is it, dude. I have gray hair there. “Turning gray is a godsend at my age because it softens all of the other dreadful things it does to you, but it is what it is.”

Indeed, the “Blue Bloods” star shows that he is not just committed to maintaining his appearance but also wants it to be acceptable. During his appearance on the show, he acknowledged that he asked the makeup artist to add some gray hairs to his mustache. He stated.

However, the digital camera they used on the broadcast didn’t even display it. But I’m getting grayer, which is a wonderful thing.

Onscreen, Selleck is quite similar to his character, Frank Reagan. Both guys have work experience, are conscientious, and know how to defend their views.

Also, the 77-year-old actor is full of hope, which shows how his positive outlook on life has helped his health and is helping him age naturally.

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