Tony Curtis revised his will shortly before his passing and cut off his five children. Three years after his passing, his widow wed a farmer, while his kids filed a lawsuit…

In the year 2022, it had been a full decade since the famous person had passed away. Tony wed his most recent wife, Jill Vandenberg Curtis, in 1998. Jill was 46 years younger than Tony at the time of their marriage.

The celebrity said that he was mostly alienated from all of his children, including the ones he had with his wife, who received the whole of his estate.

It had been three years after his passing when the Mansfield News Journal reported that his ex wife had already moved on with her life. After her marriage to Todd Weber, Jill is now known by her married name, Jill Curtis-Weber.

The actor’s ex-wife has said that her previous husband and her current husband have the same wit, generosity, sense of humor, and intellect. She wondered whether Tony would have approved of her new spouse, who was understanding of her difficulties in the past.

Jill said that her current spouse has never made her feel as if she needed to live up to her previous one, who was known to have a “larger-than-life personality.”

The actress who was formerly married to the late celebrity has claimed that she and Todd had a good life together and were interested in the same things.

She said that they worked together on a regular basis and that she believed that people may conclude that she had been “extremely blessed in love throughout” her whole life.

Even if they had successful jobs that ensured their families wouldn’t have to struggle financially, some famous people don’t believe in the practice of leaving money to their children.

When Tony made the decision to join the ranks of celebrities who have disinherited their children, he became one of those persons who crushed the hearts of his children.

During his lifespan, the actor had six different marriages and the same number of children from each of those marriages.

However, he disinherited his children five months before he passed away from a cardiac collapse by writing them out of his will. Jill ultimately decided to hold an auction in order to dispose of some of the items that belonged to her late spouse.

Tony worked in the entertainment business for nearly 60 years, during which time he appeared in over 14 films and was honored with some of the most prestigious honors in the field.

He said in his will that he wasn’t subject to any undue influence, however, he made the conscious decision not to include them in his inheritance, and the will did not explain why he chose to exclude them from his distributions.

The news apparently left the celebrity’s children in a state of disbelief, and their suffering was compounded when their mother received the money raised from the sale of their late father’s belongings.

Allegra, Tony’s daughter from his marriage to fellow actress Christine Kaufmann., allegedly expressed her family’s displeasure soon after the auction concluded by stating that their father’s widow had been the only recipient of the proceeds from the sale.

She claimed that she and her siblings had been kept in the dark about Jill’s plans to hold an auction.

In addition, she did not set aside anything of value for the deceased star’s children that would allow them to reflect on their father’s life and career.

Darren Julien, who worked as the auctioneer for the estate of Allegra’s late father, did not agree with her contention that her late father would have been upset to see his items auctioned off. According to Julien, the late actor left instructions on what he wanted to be put up for sale.

Jill said, in her defense, that her late husband had communicated to his children before he passed away the news that they would not be inheriting anything from him. In addition to this, she revealed that their relationship had always been strained for reasons that had nothing to do with her.

Kelly Lee, another one of Tony’s daughters, did more than just bring allegations to the attention of the media.

She filed a lawsuit against her father’s Trust and accused his widows and other individuals of pressuring, threatening, defrauding, or otherwise unduely influencing her illustrious father into changing his will.

Kelly Lee [Curtis], his eldest daughter, spoke of her father with warm affection as she remembered him, including his propensity for ostentatious displays of wealth.

Jamie Lee, who is an actress and the most renowned child of the late actor, chose not to comment on the matter; however, she did discuss the strained connection she had with her father in the years before his passing.

Jamie Lee disclosed the information that Tony was a terrible parent during her appearance on “The Talk” in the year 2010.

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