Touching Video: Donny Osmond was overcome with emotion in Las Vegas during his brother’s last performance…

Donny Osmond, a singer, recently traveled to Las Vegas to see his elder brother, Merrill Osmond, give the last performance of his career.

Donny published a touching picture of himself holding Merrill on stage as the latter sang his last song of the evening. Along with the picture, Donny said that The Osmonds would not have been able to find their own distinctive sound if it were not for his elder brother.

“That was a night that I will never, ever forget, “Donny wrote. “I was able to make it to my brother Merrill’s very last concert in the United States. The more I watched him, the more I became a fan myself, and I soon found myself singing along with all of the other fans packed the Westgate theater, which was the venue where we shared the stage in the 1970s.

He invited me to join him at the conclusion of the concert, and as he performed the song that closed the event, I couldn’t help but give my brother a big embrace as we said our goodbyes.

Yes, it took all of us working together to develop The Osmonds, but Merrill’s voice was the driving force behind the band’s signature sound. It was a once in a lifetime experience. I am grateful to you, my brother.”

What a sweet and touching exchange between these two brothers who were performing on stage.

This heartfelt moment is definitely one that Donny and Merrill Osmond will want to hold on to for the rest of their lives.

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