Touching Video: One mother pursued adoption of her foster son for a number of years; Many years later, he showed his gratitude for her by giving her an astonishing present…

Over the course of her life, Ingeborg McIntosh has taken in and cared for more than 120 foster children.

However, when Jordan was put in her arms as a newborn more than three decades ago, she immediately realized that she was holding a unique child as  she fell in love with Jordan at first sight.

Her attachment for him only became stronger from that point on. Since Jordan was an infant, his foster mother has been his primary caregiver. Almost immediately after his birth, she came to the conclusion that she wanted to formally acknowledge their connection.

However, complications emerged as a result of the boy’s biological mother’s wish for him to be brought up in a certain way.

McIntosh went on to say that “she wanted him to go into either an African American or a mixed family” for him to be adopted into. However, love was the force that kept her going, and she did not give up on her quest to adopt Jordan and bring him up as her own kid.

The adoption petitions for Jordan were ultimately approved when he was four years old and there were no other families that had become available. McIntosh was given the adoption paperwork, and at that point, their family was finished growing.

She brought him up in Phoenix, Arizona, for twenty years, and throughout that time she provided him with all of the love and stability that a kid need.

Twenty years later, Jordan had reached adulthood, and at this point, his adoptive mother had developed polycystic kidney disease. Her family learned that in order for her to survive, she required a transplant.

Without informing his mother, Jordan went and had himself checked to see whether he was a match for the blood transfusion straight immediately.

When he found out that his mother was going to be a grandmother, he decided to give his mother the best possible early Mother’s Day gift of all time: his kidney, and hence a second chance at life.

Jordan said, “For now, it’s the least I can do. Hopefully, as I grow older, I’ll be able to do more for her, but for now, it’s the least I can do.”

Although Jordan was certain about his desire to give his kidney, McIntosh did not anticipate that he would really go through with it. “I kept telling him you can back up almost till the [surgery], and he replied, ‘No mom, I want to do this for you,'”

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