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After suffering the tragic loss of their father while they were both still young, the two of them clung to one another and their mother as they navigated some of the most challenging situations in life.

They had no furniture, no electricity, and no running water at one point, so the three of them were forced to sleep on the floor of the living room with just candles for light. At one point, they did not have any of these things.

Bailey continues by saying, “Through difficulty and the overcoming of adversity, people become closer to one another.”

As a result of the passing of their father, the exceptional closeness that existed between the brothers got even closer, and this had an effect on Bailey’s position as the older brother.

Despite the fact that he is just 22 months older than Meyers, he adds that he wants to think of himself as a type of fatherly role to Meyers. When Meyers learned that Bailey had joined the Marine Corps, his sadness was quite understandable.

Meyers says, “It was truly a surprise to me, and I went into my room and cried.  I’d never been in a situation where I was without my brother.”

Every day, Meyers lives in constant worry due to the fact that Bailey is now serving his country on a mission.

But he insists that his brother has been there for him at all times, even if they don’t live close together.

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