Touching Video: Your heart will tear when you learn the revelation about this adoption…

Five years ago, when Myke Rousell first started dating Sarah, who is now his wife, he quickly developed a strong attachment to her daughter, Camryn. The pair is already parents to two kids from previous relationships.

These individuals have been able to adapt to living as a blended family in a manner that is rather successful, despite the fact that the majority of people would consider such a circumstance to be challenging.

Myke, who is originally from Texas, provided the following explanation: “I joined Camryn’s life when she was five.” Camryn had grown to adore him to the point that, when she was seven years old, she inquired of Myke about the possibility of adopting his last name as her own.

Once Myke gave his permission, Camryn immediately started using “Rousell.” However, she was required to use her legally recognized surname at school, thus she was unable to use it there.

Myke and Sarah came to the conclusion that he should get the adoption process started as soon as it is physically possible. After a long wait of three years, Camryn was officially adopted as his daughter in June 2021.

Camryn’s parents couldn’t wait to share the fantastic news with their daughter, but they wanted to keep the announcement a secret. Myke’s words to Camryn as he entered her school were, “I gave you my heart five years ago, and now I give you my last name.”

In addition to this, Sarah was there, and she was seen carrying a sign that said, “It’s official, Camryn Rousell.”

When Camryn was walking down the hallway and saw the placards, one could sense the excitement and pure happiness written all over her face.

As she joyously sprinted for her father, Myke picked her up and held her in his arms as they both sobbed tears of happiness. It was a really magical and unforgettable second that the pair will reflect upon often over the rest of their lives.

Myke said, “When I saw Camryn’s face, she broke down, and I broke down with her.”

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