Touching Video: A woman sees a devastated guy being forced to throw away a box in the airport garbage. What she unearths is really upsetting…

Some of life’s most joyful experiences might happen via the exchange of presents with those we hold dear as it is a priceless experience to see a beloved person eagerly open a present you have given them.

At the St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport, an elderly couple by the names of Bill and Linda Modry were denied the opportunity to experience this thrill when a TSA official prohibited them from taking gifts on the aircraft, and they were forced to throw their present away as a result.

During that moment, Amarri Hernandez and her partner were both present at a certain airport.

Amarri’s heart was moved when they were able to see this. She went back and got the box, then posted a picture of it on Facebook in an effort to learn more about the circumstances behind the abandoned present.

After opening the present, they discovered it to be a snow globe that had a snapshot of an old couple together with a picture of a young girl. A message that said “We love you Katie, Nana and Papa 1/25/16” was etched on the base of the ornament.

Amarri had the intention of giving the gift to the people who were entitled to it.

Therefore, she uploaded a couple of photographs of the snow globe on Facebook with the expectation that somebody would identify the image.

Her message quickly gained widespread attention and was forwarded more than 40,000 times in the space of a single week. Fortunately, a member of the team at Things Remembered, the firm that created the personalized snow globe, checked out the post.

She took the decision to be of assistance to Amarri and went through the records until she located the name of the individual who had placed the order for the bespoke snow globe.

Amarri was able to get in touch with Linda Modry after she identified herself as the caller, then, after that, she had an epiphany about how significant the package was that she had rescued from the garbage.

Katie’s adoption had taken place on January 25, and her grandparents had purchased the globe to give to her on that same day to remind her of that momentous occasion and to demonstrate to her that she would forever have a special place in their hearts.

The generosity of a total stranger and the struggles she through in order to track out the rightful owners of the snow globe left an impression on every member of the family.

Linda praised Amarri by saying, “She is absolutely fantastic. The majority of people are pretty decent, yet she stands out due to her remarkable qualities.”

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