Tragic message behind Kylie’s wedding gown at Met Gala… It should not have been like this…

As a fashion entrepreneur, Kylie Jenner is constantly at the top of the list when it comes to events which celebrate individuality and innovation.

Indeed, since her debut appearance at the Met Gala in 2016, she has continuously dazzled the crowds with her appearance, earning her the title of one of the celebrities whose appearances command a lot of attention.

People thought she had exceeded herself last year with the campy outfit she wore to the Gala, but this year she demonstrated that she was capable of going even farther, and her choice of clothing utterly caught everyone by surprise.

Celebrities who were invited were encouraged to draw inspiration for their gowns from the “Gilded Age” — a period of three decades during which industrialists experienced rapid progress in terms of infrastructure and technological advancement.

A strange-looking white ruffled wedding gown, which she paired with a see-through veil and a white baseball hat, which she flipped backward to give it a sporty feel, completed her ensemble.

The word “OFF” was written across the front of the garment, a clue that the garment was designed by Virgil Abloh’s Off White label, which he founded.

In the opinion of VOGUE, the dress is stylistically similar to the one that closed Virgil Abloh’s fall 2022 show, which he put together before he passed away in November.

Abloh, on the other hand, carried on with his company in classic hustler fashion despite having multiple difficult treatments.

Following the conclusion of the star-studded event, she turned to Instagram to discuss the idea for her costume and said.

“Virgil and I had planned to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art together before it was postponed until 2020 and I’m honored to be able to wear this outfit and pay tribute to my brilliant and lovely friend.”

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