Trembling elderly man came into Kelley Square Pizza before closing time and requested food that would be thrown away. The restaurant’s manager said to this man the following…

When a scared old man came into Kelley Square Pizza in Worcester, Massachusetts, before it closed, he asked for food that would be thrown away. The restaurant’s management was kind and insisted on giving him a free dinner that had just been made.

Pizzeria glass window. Variety of Italian pizzas in a shop display, street food. Kitchen workers arranging the pizzas.

Mike Alexander, a Worcester mechanic, was waiting for his pizza when he spotted an older guy enter the pizza restaurant. The elderly man’s hands were quivering; he was walking with a cane, and he was dressed in two jackets.

“I’m at Kelley Square Pizza waiting for my pizza to cook when this small, handicapped elderly guy walks in,” Mike wrote. He’s walking with a cane and wearing two jackets. His hands are shaking, and he wonders who is in charge.

Even though Kelley Square Pizza was closed for the night, the manager behind the counter gave the elderly guy his full attention. The quivering elderly guy was definitely hungry, and he was looking for any food that may be thrown away or that he might purchase at a reduced price.

“The man behind the desk responds, telling the other boy to stop cleaning without hesitation” (they close at 130). The elderly guy inquires whether there is anything that would be thrown out that he might get for a low price.

Without hesitation, the sympathetic boss instructs his employee to give this old guy everything he wishes.

“The manager then instructs the child to give this man everything he wants.” I simply want everyone to know that there is still a lot of good in the world, even in these difficult and wild times when some are out to damage it. There’s a lot of amazing stuff. Begin with yourself. Open a door, buy a coffee, share some food, make a donation, thank a vet, and spend time with the elderly. Anything.”

The manager’s generosity toward the starving old guy moved many people online.

“Nothing makes me happier than hearing about people who are kind to others. Thank you!” said Desiree P.
God bless all of you for your charity in feeding this elderly man who couldn’t purchase himself a warm lunch. It’s a difficult world we live in, with so many people taking note… You are all endowed with huge hearts and fortunate souls. I honor those on the highest pedestal for your acts of generosity. “Thank you; God will repay you all,” Kim J. said.

“A man came into the service department at the dealership where I work and requested a tool to tighten a battery wire. I told him I couldn’t lend the technicians any equipment, but I could do it for him. So that’s what we did. He returns a few minutes later and requests to use the phone. Sure, I said.

He sought to contact a man who, he said, required some employment. He’d run out of gas shortly after leaving and was looking for someone to volunteer to work for gas money. He lost his job and his home as a result of missing too much time due to sickness, and he was living in his car. “I handed him his money for gas and told one of our guys to go fetch it in a gasoline can,” penned Clif H.

“Yes! All we have to do is open our eyes to see so many real acts of human compassion every day. “We can all help the many people who need it!” said Mary G.
“A few days ago, I went to Burger King.” It was freezing outside. An old woman walks in, has roughly 60 cents in her pocket, and orders a coffee with the senior discount. The lady appeared unassuming, yet her coffee cost 84 cents. I instructed the clerk to make it a large and give her her change back; the rest is on me. The lady began to weep, thanked me, and begged for a hug, which I gladly gave. While I was waiting for my dinner, the manager arrived with her coffee and some food. “He advised her to sit and enjoy her meal and coffee,” Gabrielle P. explained.

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