Twins surprise their stepmom with a book of their memories, but it was the request they had on the last page that made her cry…

Julianna and Gabriella Ruvolo planned surprise for their stepmother Becky as she has been a great part of these lovely kids’ lives for the last twelve years and, actually, they do not consider her to be their stepmother; rather, they refer to her as their “bonus mom.”

They recognized what a wonderful gift it was to have a mother who was so kind and as Mother’s Day drew near, the girls discussed how they wished they could give Becky a present that adequately conveyed how much she meant to them.

Because bouquets, pajamas made of fluffy clouds, and breakfast just weren’t enough to express how the ladies really felt about Becky in their hearts.

The twins compiled all of the family’s recollections into a book that they wrote themselves and on the very last page, however, the females manually put in their request.

They approach Becky with the intention of adopting her and ask that she formally acknowledge them as her children.

“You are a mother, you are a member of the family, and you are the epitome of what it means to be a home and, having said that, we do have a question for you about something else.”

Because of the adoption request, Becky was completely filled with emotion. As she stooped over the table, her eyes began to well up with tears, and she found herself unable to speak until she confirmed her answer and located a pen.

In addition, all of the necessary documentation is already in the girls’ possession, so they are ready to start the procedure at any moment.



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