Two children in kindergarten consider themselves to be identical twins and dress identically on “Twin Day…”

A little child demanded to his mother that he would dress similarly to his “twin” to school, and his mother agreed to his request. However, the mother was overcome with emotion after receiving a photo of her son and his identical twin from the teacher of his class.

Myles Tankersley, Britney Tankersley’s son, informed mom at the very last minute, at eight o’clock at night, that he wanted to dress similarly with one of his classmates for the “Twin Day” celebration at his school.

Her first instinct was frustration, but , after an hour, she went to the Walmart close to her residence in Alabama, and purchased two button-down shirts with the phrase “Future Leader” on them. According to her, these were “the only nice shirts remaining” in their sizes.

Tankersley said that the man had gone on and on about how the two of them seemed to be identical. “‘We both have brown eyes, and we both have dark hair,’ and he was just so certain about it… I go to Walmart, and while I’m there, I can’t help but feel annoyed, I can’t believe it’s already this late. I’m too old for anything like this.”

Therefore, as he went off to school in the morning, she requested his teacher to take a picture of Myles and his twin, who she was not familiar with at the time. She was overcome with emotion when the photograph was sent.

Tankersley expressed her emotions by saying, “I was essentially bawling because it was so wonderful.”

“It should come as no surprise to you that I am aware that they in no way resemble one another, but he did not notice it, are you aware of that? I was anticipating receiving a photo of another white youngster with fair complexion and brown hair or something similar, but I did not get any such image at all. And I said, “That is the most adorable thing in the whole wide universe.”

Tankersley uploaded the picture to her own Facebook page, where it quickly gained widespread attention and has been shared over 200,000 times as of this writing.

According to Tankersley, Myles and Tanner are “the best of pals,” and they live just a few minutes away from each other.

Since the Twin Day, the families have also been able to spend time together and have been able to get to know each other better.

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