Two dancers do a swing dance to the song “Macarena,” and the audience is captivated by their improvised routine…

We become energised and start tapping our feet to the beat of certain dance styles, such as swing dancing, because of the wonderful movements that dancers may demonstrate.

Two dancers really impressed the spectators during the annual BudaFest dance event that was held at Hotel Intercontinental in Budapest, Hungary on January 5, 2020, according to a video from that day.

The audience went wild when they heard Emeline Rochefeuille and Jordan Frisbee perform a West Coast Swing version of the song “Macarena,” which was originally released by Los del Ro in 1996. They did an impromptu performance that was well received by the audience after being paired up at random.

This video will almost certainly inspire you to jump up out of your seat and start dancing along with it.

When the pair finally made their way out onto the dance floor, there was a lot of buzz going on around them as they did so. After all, they had only been put together a short while before and had even less time to think about the music before they started playing.

They also did not have any time for rehearsal to practice any of the maneuvers that they planned to use in their improvisation.

Even though they are professional dancers, it is still quite an accomplishment for them to come up with a whole routine on the spot! It was incredibly motivating to see them dance like if they were talking or breathing, taking ownership of the environment they were in and doing dance movements.

Even though they were making a routine up as they went along, the two were still able to have a good time and make each other laugh.

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