Two days before her death, brother grants his sister’s last wish

Janea lived in earthly bliss with her lovely family before becoming an angel. The Aguileras did not have her for long, but they made the memories she desired in a short period of time. Read about her prom with her only brother just hours before she died.

Siblings compete against each other when they are younger. Siblings usually quarrel over stuff, whether they’re all girls, all boys, or both, younger or older.

However, as kids get older, they are more likely to purposefully defend each other. They grow devoted, and the older ones guard the smaller ones. This happened to a Denver, Colorado family.

The Aguileras have a son and a daughter. Josh, their kid, was a few years older than Janea, his sister. Everything looked regular until she reached twelve. The little princess was later diagnosed with a rare condition.

She lived for another two years before passing away in 2014. While this was a tragic blow for the family and the entire neighborhood, Janea died a happy kid since her prom dream had been granted.

Janea had always been a lively and joyful girl, making it easier for her neighbors to connect with her. She lived in a tiny town with her family and was renowned as the first-millennium baby born in Lamar, a hamlet in southeastern Colorado.

She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare kind of cancer, in 2012. The sickness attacked her key organs without notice. Previously, one of her legs had been severed.

People in Lamar felt for Janea as she battled illness and vowed to be her beacon of hope. As a result, they strung yellow ribbons across town.

“It made us proud to say, ‘I’m from Lamar,'” admits Janea’s relative. The Aguileras appreciated the care, which even made the young woman smile.

Janea was scheduled for multiple medical appointments following her diagnosis and stayed generally healthy for two years. Sadly, she became ill in 2014. This did not feel like any other disease she had ever encountered.

The eighth-grader knew she had limited time, so she developed a bucket list, with prom at the top. Josh noticed his sister’s list and inquired whether she would be his prom date. He stated:

“She was like, ‘Oh my God, are you serious?'”

“And then she began to cry.” And, of course, it hit me, and I burst into tears.

Nobody expected an 8th grader to attend a prom, but Josh was eager to fulfill his sister’s request. Janea joined her brother for the big night after obtaining permission from the school and making a few preparations with her family.

The couple arrived dressed to the nines. Josh looked smart in a black tuxedo, while his sister looked exquisite in a strapless red princess gown.

Other guests applauded the siblings’ bravery, but the most memorable feature of Janea’s fantasy evening was being crowned prom queen! Family and friends gathered to toast the lively young girl, who wore contagious smiles throughout the evening.

Janea had a fantastic prom experience on a Saturday evening. She felt great at the end of the day, but she had fewer than two days left with her loved ones.

She died the next week on a Monday. Janea was just 14 at the time, yet she showed amazing fortitude by living happily and never feeling miserable. Instead, she wished to enjoy her final days.

The Aguileras held a funeral service for their beloved daughter, and relatives, friends, and neighbors packed the auditorium to pay their condolences.

Janea’s death did not imply that her family would abandon her passion. They kept cherishing the beautiful times they had with their daughter.

Melony Schwartz, who was celebrating Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in 2018, gave an encouraging tale about how her daughter’s classmates honored her at graduation.

During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, she shared an encouraging tale about how her daughter’s classmates honored her at graduation.

She posted photos on Facebook of a group of students dressed in graduation robes. They had gone to Janea’s grave and taken pictures of her monument. In her own words:

“These youngsters were always raising awareness about how they respected her! Throughout their high school years, they remembered and honored her in various ways. Their graduation was the finest of all! Half of the class showed up at the cemetery to pose with our child!

The pupils decorated an empty chair for their absent buddy with a printed image of the deceased. They then adorned their garments with yellow ribbons.

The class valedictorian, one of Janea’s greatest friends, addressed her by name throughout her speech. Melony’s post was a gratitude note with an acknowledgement of cancer’s devastating effects. She stated:

“Thank you so much for always helping to commemorate her and raise awareness!”


Despite what looks to be a terrible conclusion for Janea, she lived a fulfilled life, receiving everything she desired. What else? Her family, friends, and neighbors were all supportive till the very end. That is the definition of real love!

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