Two flight attendants risk their employment as they break protocol to save dog’s life and here is the company’s statement…

Michelle and Steven Burt who lived in Florida, decided to go aboard a JetBlue aircraft with their three canine companions in tow.

The couple was required to apply to the regulations of the airline and store their pets in carriers that were placed beneath their seats, however, not long after takeoff, they were aware that Darcy, their French bulldog, was having trouble breathing.

Soon after, Michelle broke the rules of the trip by opening Darcy’s carrier against the crew’s instructions in order to check on her condition. It was later discovered that Darcy’s life was in jeopardy.

Michelle said: “I noticed the color of her tongue, which is a symptom of oxygen deficiency, and I saw that it was blue, so i pulled her out from under the seat and placid her in my lap to calm her down and help her rest despite the fact that she was terrified and breathing rapidly.”

In accordance with the standard operating procedure of the firm, one of the flight attendants, Renaud Fenster, requested that Michelle place the dog inside of its container and slide it back beneath her seat.

However, he quickly became aware of how serious the situation was and made the decision to notify his colleague, Diane Asher.

The two flight attendants are able to rescue the life of the dog despite the fact that they put their employment in jeopardy by disobeying the policy of the airline.

Thankfully, not long after the plane touched down, Darcy regained her full health. After that, Michelle made the decision to express her gratitude to the attendants for their role in preventing Darcy’s passing.

The corporation was quite delighted with the praise they received as a result of it: “our aim is to inspire mankind, and we are extremely proud of those exceptional crew members who constantly display a passion for providing good customer service”.

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