Two players from a football team donate clothing and footwear to a student who is being teased for always wearing the same outfit…

Students at Martin Luther King College Preparatory School and football players Antwan Garrett and Kristopher Graham saw how other students made fun of a freshman student from the beginning of the school year.

The impacted youngster, Michael Todd, was compelled to wear the same clothing on a daily basis since his parents did not have the financial means to get him new ones.

Because Garrett and Graham were both bothered by the way in which other students interacted with Todd, they decided to take action and do something positive for him.

Graham shared his thoughts by saying, “When I witnessed others laughing and bullying him, I felt like I ought to do something.  When I saw him, he wasn’t smiling or anything, and I thought to myself, ‘Yeah, I believe this is going to make him grin.'”

The two football players went through their own closets in an effort to locate some apparel and footwear that they might gift to Todd. The next day, they presented themselves at school with bags that were stuffed with their clothing and footwear.

Additionally, Garret handed a pair of brand-new shoes. Graham felt a great deal of remorse for Todd’s predicament since he had also made fun of Todd in the past. When he gave Todd the clothing and shoes, he informed Todd that he was sorry for laughing at him and that he wanted to make up for it by giving him something.

Todd was taken aback by the kind act performed by the two students, but he was quite appreciative of it.

Todd said, ” There are literally no clothes in my apartment. My mother is unable to purchase me new clothing since I am outgrowing them so quickly.”

Graham and Garrett were also overcome with emotion, particularly when Todd said that this was his first time receiving presents from other people and that it was literally the happiest day of his life.

“It was a time when I let my guard down, i thought I was going to weep,” said Garrett.

Erica Williams, a spokesperson for Frayser Community Schools, said that Todd is not the only kid at the school who need more clothes. As a result, the school has established a garment closet to give children with additional help with their wardrobe requirements.

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