Unbelievable: This 10 year old girl released a balloon that was caught by “herself”, though, 140 miles away…

In June, Laura Buxton traveled to Staffordshire, England, to celebrate her grandparents’ golden wedding anniversary.

They had been married for 50 years. During that particular event, she let a helium balloon carrying a message go into the sky.

The note had the following instructions and Laura Buxton’s address: “Please return to Laura Buxton.”

Andy Rivers in Milton Lilbourne was working in his field when the balloon crashed onto it and as Peter and Eleanor Buxton had a daughter named Laura, Mr. Rivers decided to give the balloon to Laura.

Peter and Eleanor Buxton were Mr. Rivers’ neighbors. The instructions was followed by the Laura who had obtained the balloon from Mr. Rivers. She wrote to the Laura who was responsible for setting the balloon free.

The first meeting between the two girls took place over the phone, with the in-person meeting being organized by the parents of both parties.

They were surprised to find out how many things they had in common when they had finally met.

They have many of the same physical characteristics, including the same eye color, the same height, and both of them had light-colored hair. Even their companion animals were the same.

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