Unexpected happens when a 10 years old asks her 72 years old grandpa for a dance…

If you were to ask a youngster who their most favorite person in the whole wide world is, you would most likely guess that it is either their father or their mother.

In the instance of Maeve, who is ten years old, her grandfather, who is 72 years old, is one of the members of her family who is very dear to her. In point of fact, the sweet little girl made the decision to take the opportunity with her grandfather by her side when she required a partner to participate in the summer dance performance that she had been preparing for.

When the determined young lady requested her loving grandfather, who was 72 years old, to be her tap dancing partner, the grandfather was overjoyed at the prospect. The granddaughter and the grandpa rehearsed their routine so as not to let down the other members of their family who were looking forward to seeing them perform.

The two of them worked very hard to polish their performance, and while they had only taken six courses to master the fundamentals of tap dancing, the audience was absolutely blown away by it.

Maeve could feel the butterflies in her stomach as the time for their performance approached. Surprisingly, her laid-back grandfather did not seem the least bit scared or nervous at all!

The groovy grandpa, who was 72 years old, was able to equal the vigor and elegance shown by his wonderful granddaughter.

Their performance of tap dancing is such a joy to witness that the audience couldn’t help but shout for them as they went through their routine.

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