Valerie Bertinelli has opted to sell their Los Angeles ranch property for $2.5 million after her ex-husband disputed their prenuptial agreement

Valeria Bertinelli chose to sell her home after only two years of living there. The actress’s recent life events have been wrought with a great deal of suffering, but she is ready to let the past go and focus on being a better and happier version of herself.

Valerie Bertinelli’s quality of life has suffered in recent years. Eddie Van Halen, the woman’s previous spouse and the father of her child, died recently, leaving the actress and Food Network celebrity in deep mourning.

Bertinelli’s divorce from her husband, financial expert Tom Vitale, occurred around the same time as Van Halen’s death. The split got bitter because Vitale objected to the couple’s prenuptial agreement before they married.

Bertinelli, according to Closer Weekly, has battled to come to terms with the death of her ex-husband since the two of them were married. According to a credible source, it completely upended her life and led her to struggle greatly with her self-esteem as a result.

Bertinelli had her breakout role on the comedy One Day at a Time when she was barely a teenager. The actress has never hidden her struggles; even at this trying time, she has revealed how bad her days have been and how she is looking forward to one good day. She has always been forthright and candid about her experiences.

Bertinelli’s brother introduced her to Vitale in 2004, right before the actress ended her eleven-year marriage, and the actress couldn’t get enough of Vitale’s amazing sense of humor.

Bertinelli and Vitale married in 2011 and have two children. The newlyweds were head over heels in love and couldn’t stop fawning over one another after their wedding. The bride expressed her gratitude for having such a beautiful spouse, while Vitale described his new wife as “a gorgeous person, bright, and caring.”

But all of that romanticism came crashing down when Bertinelli mentioned that they had become distant from one another since they were no longer striving for the same goals. Furthermore, the actress stated that

“We have moved on from the interests that brought us together and learned that such disagreements cannot be bridged,” she says.

Bertinelli, according to a close source, has been taking each day as it comes, but she has also found refuge in her son and is always glad to have him by her side.

Bertinelli decided to sell the property for 2.5 million dollars after acquiring it for 1.92 million dollars in 2000.

Her tumultuous divorce at the time resulted in the sale of her mansion in Hollywood, which took place at the time. As previously stated, Vitale filed a lawsuit against the prenuptial agreement inked by the Food Network star and him in 2010.

According to the Daily Mail, Vitale has asked for spousal support of $50,000 as well as legal fees totaling $200,000 in total.

Because Vitale is opposing the divorce, the process has stalled and taken significantly longer. Despite this, Bertinilli feels that the couple’s prenuptial agreement eliminates the need for interim or permanent spousal support.

On the other hand, the home in the Hollywood ranch style is a gorgeous property that anybody would be lucky to call their own if given the opportunity.

The house has three bedrooms, a gray façade, and a massive window with stunning views of the San Fernando Valley below. The house is in a hilly neighborhood.

The California property has a swimming pool, hardwood floors, a fireplace, and large bedrooms with different views of the yard.

Bertinelli and her team designed the ideal kitchen for someone with such a great interest in cooking since she is a passionate chef who shares her dishes with the world on the Food Network.

The kitchen is outfitted with elegant black and white appliances, as well as a butler’s pantry large enough to hide any mess while concealing as much food as is humanly possible to keep.

The cabinetry is a rich navy blue, with rustic wood open shelving that highlights the massive countertop. The countertops are stunning, clean white quartz.

This kitchen was featured on Bertinilli’s show, which was nominated for an Emmy, and it is great for anybody who likes spending time in the kitchen cooking and entertaining.

Despite the fact that Bertinillie has only possessed the house for a short time, she is ready to hand it over to a new owner who will appreciate the precise architectural details.

Bertillina is now simply concerned with herself after going through a terrible moment in her life. The actress stated that taking care of her mental health is the top priority on her list of things to do to recover.

Bertinelli has made it apparent that her body is delicate and requires constant attention. Even though the actress has admitted to having a body image problem, the way she currently interacts with herself is helping to reduce the impact of those negative thoughts.

Bertinelli stated that in order to protect her body from injury in as many ways as possible, she has reduced her intake of sweets and alcohol while increasing her intake of vegetables.

Bertinelli is uninterested in men and has no intentions of entering into a new romantic relationship in the near future. The actress’s major objective right now is to revert to a happier version of herself.

Bertinelli went so far as to claim that she is determined to bring joy into the world despite the fact that she has gone through a lot of pain in recent years. “I’m going to be overjoyed to be happily divorced and spend the rest of my life alone,” she said.

Even though she won’t be entirely alone, the Food Network star will have her child, as well as six cats, a dog, and one of her other pets, who will be there to give emotional support. Bertinelli is similarly excited about the thought of being a grandmother, and she expects to get grandchildren from her son very soon.

Bertinilli’s existence as a single person continues to be marked by contentment and tranquility. The actress has gone through a lot, and now that she is evolving into a new person who is entirely healed from all of her painful experiences, she is content to enjoy the affluent life that she has carved out for herself via a hard journey of reflection.

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