Vets hear boogie-woogie music and can’t stop dancing

Airports are inconvenient, especially if your trip is delayed. Rather than being irritated, two World War II veterans are here to remind everyone that life is too short to be irritated. Instead of getting worked up about things you can’t control, like a delayed flight, everyone should get up and dance.

That’s exactly what two World War II veterans did with their spare time at Reagan National Airport outside of Washington, D.C.

A flight to Kentucky had been delayed at Reagan National Airport, which was transporting many veterans back home. It was an honor flight organized by the Honor Flight Network, a non-profit organization that provides free transportation to American veterans in Washington, D.C. When so many veterans were stranded at the airport, the Women of Liberty decided to perform for them. They were not going to perform any songs from now but rather patriotic melodies from veterans’ past.

The Women of Liberty picked The Andrews Sisters’ World War II classic “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” to perform.

As the music started, veteran Marin Perryman couldn’t keep his feet still and had to get up and dance.
Marin is now in his nineties, but music has transported him back to his childhood. Marin still has the finest dance moves and isn’t hesitant to flaunt them. It doesn’t take long for another WWII veteran, Paul Kopey, to join in on the fun. Paul Kopey is escorted over to the Ladies of Liberty and immediately begins to dance with them.

These two veterans are no longer wearing their battle boots, but they are not about to take off their dance shoes.

One female observer, not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to dance the patriotic song with actual World War II veterans, began dancing with the two males. She begins to dance with Paul Kopey, but the flamboyant Marin Perryman taps his fellow veteran on the shoulder and asks for his turn with the young girl.

Seeing the two veterans dance as though it’s still the 1940s is sheer bliss. It clearly demonstrates that the two guys have shared the same spirit and danceability since they were young men in the 1940s.

Everyone moved from being irritated by a delayed flight to singing, dancing, or cheering on the performers.
Marin, Paul, and their dancing partner all hug and laugh towards the end of the song, which may be the finest part of the video. They were all having a great time, as shown by their wide smiles. Grace Gupton, thankfully, captured footage of the veterans dancing and uploaded it online. The woman who stood up to dance with the two veterans discovered the video and stated,

“Oh, my God! I had a great time dancing with these gentlemen! It’s not every day that a wartime veteran outdances you! “These veterans have incredible vitality even after an early morning and a long day wandering about DC!”

Thank you for your service, Marin Perryman and Paul Kopey, and for inspiring us all to keep dancing and having fun.

See their complete dance performance below; it will make your entire day.

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