Victoria Beckham says, “As a mother, I found it comforting to know that Harper was surrounded by other women who were confident in their”…

According to Victoria Beckham, having the mindset of wanting to be “extremely small” is a “old-fashioned approach.”

“I believe women now want to appear healthy and voluptuous,” remarked the former Spice Girl turned fashion designer, who became famous in the 2000s for her trim figure.

The 48-year-old woman went on to say, “The more flattering my VB Body dresses seem on you, the curvier you are.”

When Victoria Beckham talks about her permanent capsule collection, she is alluding to the body-hugging knitted pieces that are included in the collection.

“It has nothing to do with your physical stature. Beckham explained her philosophy on life and said, “It’s about knowing who you are and being satisfied with who you are.”

“I’ve discovered my own happy medium between wanting to have a good time and being stringent about eating properly and exercising.

When you’re younger, you fight against striking that balance, but as I’ve become older, I’ve gained an understanding of what striking that balance really looks like. I just am aware of what serves me most effectively.”

Beckham has already discussed the pressure she faced to maintain a slim figure when performing with the Spice Girls:  “In the gym, instead of scrutinizing my posture and stance, I was monitoring the size of my bottom or to see whether my double chin was getting any smaller.”

Beckham also said that relocating to Miami, Florida exposed her to more women with curves.

“There are a lot of really curvy ladies in Miami, and they really embrace it. They have a lot of self-assurance, therefore they don’t mind showing off their physique.

The way they carried themselves and thought seemed to me to be quite freeing. As a mother, I found it comforting to know that Harper was surrounded by other women who were confident in their bodies and pleased with the way they looked.”

“I’ve always been a bit terrified of weights, but it turns out that I enjoy them,” Beckham said, adding that David is a “hilarious” workout partner but “always the one who procrastinates” when it comes to working out together.

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