Video: A 79-year-old veteran gets a new mobility scooter due to the generosity of strangers, and his reaction is priceless, but then…

Kenny Jary, a 79-year-old veteran of the United States Navy, was in dire need of a brand-new mobility scooter.

And when his friend and neighbor Amanda Kline found out about it, she immediately turned to social media for assistance, however, she was completely unprepared for the astounding reaction that brought Kenny to tears.

Amanda Kline and Kenny Jary, both of whom reside in Minnesota, first got acquainted with one another as neighbors and then became friends.

Because Amanda, who works with people who are deaf, taught Kenny, who has a deaf buddy called Jerry, some American Sign Language, the two became close as a result of this shared experience (ASL).

Even more impressively, Amanda set Kenny up with a TikTok account so that he could flaunt his ASL talents while also entertaining others with his endearing personality. Kenny, a veteran of the United States Navy who is now 79 years old, uses a mobility scooter to move about.

He is unable to walk for an excessively long or great distance, therefore, if he does not have access to the scooter, which he has decked out in American flag accessories, he is essentially confined to the confines of his house.

The mobility scooter owned by Kenny Jary started giving him trouble at some point, then things went from bad to worse when he realized the car was damaged beyond the point of repair. This was the only way for Kenny to communicate with the outside world. As he reflected on how it had led to him meeting new people, such as Jerry and Amanda, he found that his eyes welled up with tears.

The news was a setback to Amanda’s emotions as well. As a result, she made the decision to post Kenny’s tale on TikTok. She had high hopes that between the video and the fundraising, Kenny would be able to get some kind of price reduction on a new mobility scooter.

But she was completely unprepared for the tidal wave of support they received, w within the first day of its existence, the page made $5,000! Kenny Jary was brought to tears as a result of the compassion of a large number of unknown people, however, the generosity of others had only just started to pour in.

Donations continued to pour in, and before Amanda and Kenny knew it, they had more than enough money to purchase a brand new mobility scooter.

In point of fact, Amanda surprised Kenny with not one but two brand new scooters, one of which is lightweight and portable, and the other of which is durable and more robust. “My guardian angels looked after me. They did,” a sobbing Kenny Jary remarked with emotion in his voice, however, Kenny’s angels weren’t done!

The amount of money raised via donations continued to rise and ultimately surpassed $100,000. In a recent update, Amanda said that she intended to use some of the leftover monies to make a few further modifications to Kenny’s life.

Some of these alterations include paying off Kenny’s debt, covering his medical costs, and furnishing his house with furniture that is easier for him to reach. Kenny was once again overcome by the generosity shown to him.

And he came to the conclusion that he wanted to distribute the kindness to a category of people who were particularly close to his heart: veterans.

Kenny made the thoughtful decision to provide a brand-new mobility scooter to each of the ten veterans who participated in the GoFundMe campaign. But God took Kenny’s aim and made it much more ambitious!

Kenny was able to raise the number of veterans who benefit from his donation from ten to twenty-five by continuing to take advantage of the kindness shown to him.

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