Video: A Breathtaking Dance Group Performance by Children With Disabilities Clearly Demonstrates There Are No Boundaries At All…

The dancing group Born To Perform stunned the audience on Britain’s Got Talent with their performance to the song “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from the musical Hairspray.

These exceptional young people with disabilities demonstrated that there are no boundaries by giving it their best and winning the golden buzzer. The excitement, energy, and smiles that Born to Perform brought to the stage made it seem absolutely amazing.

This lively dance included an abundance of jazz hands, cartwheels, and twirls all over the floor, moreover, their clothing harkens back to the time of Grease, complete with poodle skirts and bow ties.

Following the conclusion of the dance group’s performance, the crowd gave them a rousing round of applause while standing. After that, Dave bestowed upon them the title of Golden Buzzer winners. He remarked, “I loved every single second of it, folks!”

A statement made by the judge, Alisha Dixon, was as follows: “Your enthusiasm is just flowing out, it’s simply beautiful to witness, you did a tremendous job, each and every one of you.” While Simon was still adding, “I didn’t just like it. It was fantastic!”

In addition to this, Simon informed them, “I enjoyed the fact that you were having such a fantastic time, it was really one of my favorite auditions.”

We really hope that Born To Shine was able to brighten your day today!

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