Video: A Disney film that his girlfriend adores serves as the setting for the man’s proposal to his girlfriend…

Disney films have always been about stories that are both intriguing and captivating, and this hasn’t changed throughout the course of their history. They have succeeded in enthralling viewers of all ages with extraordinary personalities and stories.

Because of the powerful effect Disney has on our sense of nostalgia, everyone of us has at least one Disney movie that will always hold a special place in our memories and will do so regardless of how old we become.

The romantic and imaginative boyfriend in the story is named Lee Loechler. He popped the question to his girlfriend Sthuthi David when they were watching Sleeping Beauty at a movie theater.

Sthuthi, who was sitting in the first row with her boyfriend, was unaware that the whole movie theater was crowded with their own friends and family members even though the auditorium was completely full.

During a crucial moment in the movie, the setting “changed,” and Lee proposed to his girlfriend!

Yourstruelee, the user name of the guy who shared his story on Reddit, said the following: “For the last half a year, I’ve been working on an animation in which my girlfriend and I appear in my girlfriend’s all-time favorite movie, Sleeping Beauty.

I asked her to marry me in front of a “full” movie theater with the assistance of several local Redditors…”

Sthuthi was ecstatically happy with the way things turned out. At first, she couldn’t understand what was going on since it seemed like some parts of the movie had been changed.

After that, a ring sprang out of nowhere. She was taken aback when she turned around and realized that the whole auditorium was filled with her own relatives and close friends. Naturally, she responded in the affirmative.

This proposal is one of our favorites since it is so different from the other as when Lee asked his girlfriend to marry him, he really went out of his way, which is exactly how it should have been done!

The happy pair tied the knot in the year 2021. As an update, Lee shared on his YouTube account a video that showed the couple riding away in a carriage together after they had just tied the knot.

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