Video: A family of five had been living in a broken-down bus; when a stranger made them an offer, the mother thought it was a “cruel joke…”

On the last few weeks before winter, a family of five was discovered living in a bus that had broken down in Colorado.

When a local family noticed the plight of the homeless while they were handing out meals, they decided to offer a hand and help those individuals. As it is the season to be kind (and merry), they made arrangements for them to stay in one of their houses so that they would have somewhere to stay while they waited for their situation to improve.

Olivia and Eric were living on a converted school bus with their three kids, the youngest of whom was only four weeks old, the second was 14 months old, and the oldest was five years old. When their bus broke down in Greeley, Colorado, they were in the middle of a cross-country job hunt journey throughout the United States.

The circumstances were challenging, and to make matters worse, winter was drawing near, and the temperature inside the bus was dropping to potentially life-threatening levels.

“We were having trouble making enough money to pay for RV sites. We were having a hard time and hungry.

Unfortunately, we were unable to establish an electrical connection. When we downsized, we had already gotten rid of all of my personal belongings,” Olivia shared, “we just did not have enough.  At that time, Eric and I weren’t really eating all that much, and I was nursing both of our children,” she said.

In the midst of this apparently hopeless circumstance, Virginia Kinch and her three kids paid a visit to Olivia’s family while they were out distributing Thanksgiving dinners to the less fortunate.

When they observed the circumstances that the family was forced to live in, they felt an urgent desire to assist them.

“There was no way in the world that I could have possibly left those children outside in the bitter cold for even one more week throughout the winter.  I was concerned that the baby (who had just been born) might not survive.”

The brilliant concept was first conceived by Virginia Kinch. They had a second home and were considering whether to rent it out or put it up for sale.

They were already paying for the utilities at that location, and the home was vacant, so there was no reason not to allow individuals who might benefit from it use it for a while. Olivia was taken aback by their choice to the point that at first she found it hard to believe.

“At first, I assumed it was some kind of joke. That was my mentality because I really believed it nobody did that,” Olivia added. “Up until the day that we moved in, I refused to acknowledge that it was a genuine possibility.”

Olivia said that because of this act of generosity, she now has more confidence in the human race.

According to her interpretation, Virginia is a guardian angel who rescued her family, and as a result, they were able to celebrate Christmas together this year.

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