Video: A father’s most cherished treasure has been missing for decades, and his daughter has been determined to find it for him…

The route to obtaining a higher degree may sometimes be an arduous and complicated one as in order to complete their degrees, students often need to take time off in the middle of their studies.

In order for individuals to realize their goals, they might even have to give up the things that they value most deeply in their lives. Randy Martin, who hails from Daleville, Virginia, is well aware of the significance of this lesson.

In 1993, Randy had a strong desire to pursue a profession in the monastic life and attended seminary and had to part with his cherished 1936 Ford Sedan in order to raise the funds necessary for his studies.

Randy, who was just 16 years old when he bought the car, brought it back to pristine condition all by himself and the white paint job that was applied to the Ford garnered it several first-place prizes at the local auto events.

The anguish that could be seen in her father’s eyes as he gave up his first child was something that Stephanie Hamren, Randy’s daughter, would never forget.

Randy never stopped thinking about the automobile, even after they were separated, and he often shared with his family members his hopes and dreams of reuniting with it. Stephanie is so adamant about buying the automobile her father used to drive that she created a dedicated GoFundMe page to raise money for the transaction.

In 2014, after a prolonged search, Stephanie and her family located the vehicle in New Orleans and  managed to give their father, who was completely unaware of the plan, a surprise party by purchasing it covertly and then bringing it back to their home state.

Randy’s eyes welled up with emotions as he caught his first glimpse of his old buddy and, together with Stephanie, they have been doing the labor to restore the Ford themselves ever since the big announcement.

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