Video: A Lovely Exchange Takes Place Between a Patrol Officer and a Baby Owl…

When they get on the scene in response to all of those calls for aid, police officers never know what they’ll find there.

This time, a group of officers came face to face with one of the cutest little creatures that we’ve ever seen: a baby owl.

As soon as the Boulder County Sheriff’s deputies saw the cute little bird in the middle of the road, they couldn’t help but pull over and go over to introduce

themselves to the chick. It goes without saying that the “conversation” that one of them had with it moved the hearts of millions of people.

As he got closer, the officer greeted owl with a “Hello.” After that, there were a few of some incredible head spins.

After the unusual and exciting meeting, as well as some prolonged eye contact between the two, the little bird took off and flew away safely.

The heartwarming exchange may be seen in the video that can be seen below. It is going to turn out wonderfully!

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