Video: A Timid Teenager Is The Final Competitor, And She Crashes Down On Stage In Tears Just Before Simon Gives His Critique…

If you are familiar with the show America’s Got Talent, you are aware that Simon Cowell has a reputation for being a tough judge.

It is clear that when he does praise the participants, he does it out of sincerity and with the best of intentions.

The fact that he does not continually commend everyone means that when he does compliment you, it carries a great deal of weight. Who wouldn’t want to have the legendary Simon Cowell applaud and support them on their accomplishments?

For instance, he was able to strike the golden buzzer for a cancer patient who was 16 years old. Not only was he overjoyed to hit the bell, but he also made his way over to the young girl to offer his personal congratulations.

When Olivia Garcia, a girl of 16 years old, arrives onto the stage, she is immediately struck with a horrifying scene. Every seat is occupied.

You can see that she is experiencing a lot of fear just before she goes on stage in front of the judges. She begins by introducing herself and expressing her wish to earn Simon’s admiration and respect.

A moment before the music starts to play, Simon can be heard commenting to the other judges that she gives off a nervous appearance. However, this is the point at which things will begin to shift.

The beauty of Garcia’s singing voice can be heard after just a few notes have been played.

Her incredible singing keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. The judges are unable to contain their excitement as they listen to how beautifully she can sing, and Simon is well aware that he will have to make a tough decision.

Once you hear how incredible she is as a singer, you’ll comprehend why Simon had such a difficult time deciding what to do.

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