Video: After 73 years, two women discover they are long-lost sisters and meet for the first time…

When two sisters who had been separated for a very long time finally had the opportunity to talk to one another, it was like giving them the best Christmas gift possible a few weeks early.

Linda Hoffman, who is now 73 years old, said that although it was difficult for her to meet her elder sister Harriet Carter for the first time at such a late stage in her life, she would not have had it any other way.

According to what Carter revealed, “I believe we discovered each other when we were intended to.”

The ladies did not know one other prior to their first chance encounter, which occurred after they both created accounts on

Hoffman did not know that she had an older sister named Carter at the time since Carter, 76, had been given up for adoption shortly after her birth when her biological parents were just 18 years old.

The sisters were able to locate one another on the ancestry website around two years ago (Ancestry is a website that compiles records of family history and links families from all over the world).

Hoffman remembered that she received a message from Harriet in which she said, “I believe it’s possible that we’re connected. We were a perfect fit, but neither of our parents ever mentioned it to anybody, ever,”

The two ended up getting in touch with one another through telephone, and ever since then, they have been chatting almost every day, however, in-person contact between the sisters could not take place right away because of the ongoing epidemic.

The sisters ended up catching up while sitting in the airport terminal, where they looked at old photographs of their mother and the rest of the family, including Carter, who was not around at those times.

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