Video: After being told she could not sing, the oldest Latin Grammy winner in history “had to wait” for eight decades before receiving her first award…

The realization of one’s goals and aspirations in life may be challenging due to the difficulties and roadblocks that one could face along the route.

Angela Alvarez, an American singer of Cuban descent, demonstrated that it is never too late to pursue one’s aspirations; it is always preferable to do so later rather than never at all. Alvarez won her first Grammy Award in the category of Best New Artist when she was 95 years old.

Alvarez showed an early interest in music that continued throughout her life. However, her father did his best to dissuade her from turning it into a profession. When Alvarez was a child, she had two aunts who were musically talented and who taught her how to sing and play the piano.

She said that whenever there was a meeting of her family, she was the one who would perform for everyone, and because to her passion for music and stage presence, she was able to keep everyone amused. Alvarez went ahead and started her family after receiving instructions to do so from her father.

She finally gave birth to four children, went on to become a grandmother to nine children, and now has 15 great-grandchildren.

lvarez created history at the Latin Grammy Awards in 2022 by being the winner of the award at an age greater than any other recipient in the show’s 23-year history.

Despite the fact that she shared the prize with another singer from Mexico, Silvana Estrada, who was 25 years old at the time, Alvarez has never stopped being appreciative of the honor she was given.

In her address, she shared the following message with the audience: “To those who have yet to make their goals come true, know that while life is difficult, there’s always a way out, and with faith and love, anything can be done.”

lvarez won her first Grammy at the age of 95, and it was all because to her grandson, Carlos José, who helped establish his Nana’s career decades later to recapture her youth. Carlos José devoted the time and effort to launch his Nana’s career.

Alvarez recounted the challenging path she had to take in order to fulfill her longtime goal of becoming a singer.

“Romper el Yugo” (translated as “Break the Chains”) and “Mi Gran Amor” (translated as “My Great Love”) are only two of the songs that can be found on lvarez’s self-titled first album, which was published in 2021.”

When asked what piece of advice she would provide to individuals who wish to make their aspirations come true, Alvarez gave the following response:

“From now on, your life will begin. Always have your sights set on doing something; whether you are inspired to sing, take up an instrument, or paint, act on that motivation. And try not to let the possibility of failure keep you from moving forward.

Keep continuing and pushing ahead, and when you eventually do get to the finish, that’s when you can say, “I can or I can’t, but you should always try it first.”

lvarez is a living proof that age should not be an obstacle to reaching one’s desires and aspirations, and she reached a very profound epiphany while being interviewed for the book. “There are many open doors in the world; the only person who is preventing you from entering them is yourself.

If we don’t make an effort, the doors won’t be open to us. It took me a total of eighty years to get to the point where I am right now,” she said.

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