Video: After hearing him perform one of Michael Jackson’s classics, the judges bring a young boy with autism to tears…

Television talent programs include a wide variety of artists of varying styles and genres. Some of them render both the live crowd in the studio and the viewers at home dumbfounded. This was the situation with Calum Courtney, a little child from Essex, United Kingdom, who was ten years old.

He is a little child who has autism spectrum disorder. Calum has a hard time connecting with people in general and making new acquaintances.

Calum was given the chance to provide the performance of a lifetime on an episode of “Britain’s Got Talent” that aired in 2018 and it was at this time that he was able to present the program’s judges, as well as the audience, with an unforgettable display.

The joy that Calum’s mother felt when she was able to hear her son’s singing voice brought a smile to her face. When Calum took the stage, the judges immediately inquired as to whether or not he was nervous.

The small boy’s response, which was a beautiful and subdued “no,” gave the impression that he was timid. It appears that the judges did not believe the argument. As soon as the little child started singing, they began to have reason to assume that he was not at all frightened.

The audience was treated to an unforgettable and amazing performance by Calum of “Who’s Loving You,” a song originally performed by the Jackson. Many others have said that he had the heavenly singing voice of an angel.

The young man had a lovely and clear singing voice, and he struck each and every note perfectly.

The crowd was filled with a large number of friends and family members of Calum who came to show their support for him. When Calum started playing, everyone looked like they were going through a lot of emotions.

Following the conclusion of Calum’s performance, the audience greeted him with rousing and enthusiastic applause, and each of the four judges gave him a standing ovation. A simple “yes” and “thumbs up” from Simon Cowell.

David Walliams, the judge, gave an explanation of how Calum performed a huge song for a tiny boy.

He praised Calum’s performance, saying that he did an outstanding job and that Calum ought to be quite proud of himself. This prompted the little youngster to become filled with emotion, at which point he started sobbing.

Calum was promptly greeted by his younger brother onstage, who gave him a hug and everyone who was there agreed that it was a breathtakingly stunning scene.

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