Video: After meeting a large Aerosmith fan who had Down syndrome, Steven Tyler made the decision to give him the greatest moment of his life…

The rock artist Steven Tyler is regarded as one of the most famous musicians in the world. He is capable, all by himself, of filling arena after stadium with his signature raspy voice and magnetic stage presence.

Tyler still manages to keep his feet on the ground and values the most devoted members of his following, regardless of how old they are or how they look.

Diana Yorfido recounted a very crucial day in her life and the lives of her kid in a post that she wrote and published on Facebook in April of 2016.

It turns out that Diana and her son Anthony met up with Tyler by chance at a medical supply shop in Niagara Falls, which is located in Ontario, Canada.

When I went to pick up my pantyhose, I saw that there was a long limo outside… “When I walked in, Steven Tyler was leaning over the counter, and he was with a handful of other women,” she told the publication, “I thought that was quite funny.”

Diana added that her son, Anthony, was astonished by the sight of a celebrity, which finally drove the youngster mad.

“He asks, ‘Is that Steven Tyler?'” “Is that Steven Tyler?” Because he is such a huge fan of Aerosmith and Steven Tyler. She said at the time that he constantly listened to his music collection.

Even though he has Down syndrome, Anthony, the youngster, is an avid Aerosmith fan just like everyone else.

After some time, Tyler warmed up to the idea of seeing Anthony and even posed for a picture with him before giving the 23-year-old Aerosmith devotee a bear embrace.

Tyler eventually revealed that he was at the medical supplies store to get some back brace, and when he found out that Anthony was heartbroken for not being able to get tickets for his upcoming concert, the vocalist for Aerosmith let his generous heart take the wheel and buy Anthony tickets to the concert.

Because Tyler cared for Anthony so deeply, he made it a point to ensure that Anthony would be able to attend the concert that he was about to give at the moment.

When Tyler asked Anthony up on stage to perform with him on “Sweet Emotion” at Aerosmith’s performance at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls in 2016, he stunned everyone in attendance when he did so.

Anthony rocked out with his yellow shakers while accompanying Tyler on the song.

“I was taken aback. Anthony said at the time, “I had no idea I was going to be performing on stage, I had been looking forward to seeing him for a long time. It was the realization of a lifelong goal.”

The footage of the two has already gained widespread attention and is continuing to be redistributed.

The kind act that Tyler did for his devoted follower has a lot of people in a state of utter astonishment.

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