Video: At the cinema, a woman politely asks two noisy teens to be quiet, but however, a few days later, the teens’ mother tracks her so that…

Rebecca Boyd and her daughter, 12 years old, went to see a movie at the Tannehill Premiere Cinema 14 in Bessemer, Alabama; however, instead of having a pleasant evening out together, the mother was left upset by the teenagers who were sat behind her in the cinema.

They were noisy and kept tapping her seat, much to her annoyance, which made her angry and when she reached her limit, she turned around and respectfully requested that they stop what they were doing.

Mother asked her children to behave themselves during the movie, but the teens replied angrily to her request and proceeded to act inappropriately during the whole film. After the movie, Rebecca confronted the children to let them know that their behavior had spoiled the rest of her evening.

Rebecca Boyd believed the conflict had been resolved when she vented her anger against the situation, however, she was completely wrong. The confrontation was seen by the teenagers’ brother, who intended to report it to their mother who was unable to let go of this aspect of her life.

Therefore, Kyesha went on Facebook in an effort to locate the individual who had disciplined her daughter and stepdaughter when they were both 13 years old.

Kyesha started out by saying   that she had dropped the girls off at the theater with her son, who had later informed her, much to her “embarrassment,” that her girls were “rude and obnoxious during the movie,” and that she wanted to find the woman who had approached them about their behavior.

Kyesha continued by saying, ” Please get in touch with me if you are in fact this lady.” Rebecca Boyd was able to get it and  realized that she needed to get in touch with her.

“I can guarantee you that significant action is being taken against these girls, and because “this nasty, disrespectful, and horrible conduct is unacceptable, and they owe you an apology.”

As Rebecca pointed out, Kyesha’s piece, which serves as an excellent example of responsible parenting, demonstrates that there are decent people in the world who are concerned about the sort of children they are bringing up.

According to the mothers, this is simply some “good, old-fashioned parenting.”

“You should correct a child’s behavior if you witness them acting inappropriately.

If you are the parent and discover that your kid has engaged in inappropriate conduct, you are obligated to make them apologize and accept responsibility for their actions.”

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