Video: Before the teen performs, Simon instructs him to glance at his mother, who is seated in the row directly in front of him and someone special next to her…

When children and teens put forth tremendous effort to accomplish great things, they want to know that their parents are rooting for them and are proud of them. In addition to this, they want their parents to be pleased with who they have become when they see them in action.

Regrettably, obligations at work and a variety of other things prohibit parents from being there at every significant occasion in their children’s lives. It looked that Reuben Gray, who was prepared to compete on Britain’s Got Talent, was in this scenario.

To obtain a spot on this well-known talent show, Reuben needed to have a lot of skill, and he also needed to have a lot of courage to step up on stage in front of a huge audience and a panel of well-known judges and perform for them.

Although Reuben’s mother was there at the event, the small boy was aware that his father was unable to be there owing to duties he had to fulfill for his job.

When Reuben approached the middle of the platform, Simon questioned him about his parents and who was in the crowd to see him. He asked Reuben who was there to see him.

Reuben explained to the audience and the judges that his father was unable to make it to the event, and that he did not feel confident taking part in this activity without him.

The revelation that Simon had in store for Reuben was startling.

He instructed Reuben to find his mother in the crowd and then pay attention to the people who were sitting near her. The sight of his father sitting brought Reuben indescribable delight.

You may also see his great performance and see how the crowd responds to it.

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