Video: “Dads on Duty”… Tap to know the heartwarming reason these dads teamed up for…

A group of fathers have made their minds and came up to assist a Louisiana high school that had been previously troubled by different issued for some time being.

Students at Southwood High School in Shrevenport were getting into fights on a regular basis and things just kept getting worse.

Parents from “Dads on Duty,” a group of 40 men dedicated to ensuring a secure learning environment for the pupils, came together to develop a strategy for achieving their goal.

Every day, the fathers would arrive to the school in turns in order to stroll the halls, chat to the students, and generally do what parents do – keep an eye on things.

They welcome the students when they arrive at school and help the students as they enter the building.

There is no such thing as a “security force” in this case; they just want to change how things are.

The most important thing is that the kids are having a great time!

Immediately, the children felt a feeling of security, and they are now more at ease.

The “tough love and soft ribbing” have resulted in a more pleasant environment for the youngsters at school.

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