Video: During his son’s chemotherapy treatments, a loving father puts on an epic dance presentation for his son, who is 14 years old…

One of the most effective methods for us to communicate to our family how much we care for them is to act as their most ardent supporters.

Chuck Yielding is aware of the significance of providing support for one’s family at all times, but particularly at times when the members of that family are most helpless.

Therefore, it came as a major setback to both him and his wife, Lori, when they learnt that throughout their adolescent son’s chemotherapy treatment, only one of the parents is allowed to be there with him.

Because of the regulations for epidemic, the Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas, has restricted the number of patients and visitors who are allowed in the facility.

Aiden Yielding, age 14, who is battling acute lymphocytic leukemia comes here to get his chemotherapy treatments.

Since Lori is employed as a nurse anesthetist at the medical facility, it was only logical for her to be the parent who accompanied Aiden during his monthly chemo treatments. Chuck was left out of the picture as a result of this decision.

The devoted dad, however, did not let this limitation to prevent him from being there for his kid. Chuck came up with the cutest manner possible to show his support for Aiden even if he is unable to be with him.

Once Aiden is settled in for his chemotherapy treatment, his father will look for the window that is closest to his room. Chuck would bust some moves in the parking lot as his kid watched, in the hopes that he might give him some positive energy with his fun dance steps.

Aiden knows that when he is given a break from his therapy, it is time for him to gaze out the window and watch his father do impromptu dances. Even from a distance of three stores, he would sometimes imitate what he was doing.

Chuck achieves his goal of seeing a grin on the face of his cherished son as a direct result of his actions.

Even if it’s something as stupid as dancing without music in a parking lot, Chuck will do all he can to help his kid in his fight. “I was made to feel powerless by the limitations that were in place during the epidemic.

The only way I knew how to deal with everything was to make sure I was present for all of his treatments,” he said. Never in a million years would I want him to get the impression that he is dealing with all of this on his own without his dad.”

On the other side, Lori said that one of her favorite things is to see the weekly pattern that this father and son have in the hospital.

“I just like listening to his laughter and seeing him belly laugh at Chuck’s fancy dancing movements.

It’s one of my favorite things ever. It’s possible for him to be having a bad day, which sometimes rubs off on us as well, but once he sees his dad shaking his rear end, everything turns around for the better.

Even when he is wearing his mask, Aiden’s grin is infectious and has the ability to make the whole room brighter.”

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