Video: Emotional scene when a little child who has been blind since birth is able to see her mother for the first time…

Nicolly Pereira, who was 2 years old at the time, understood that her mother loved her a great deal since her mother made it abundantly plain to her by stroking her light brown hair and hugging her.

It’s only that ever since she was born, she had no contact with or knowledge of her mother at all as had pediatric glaucoma, which caused her to lose her hearing soon after birth.

Nicolly’s eye pressure was a stunning 50, whereas the usual range for children’s ocular pressure is 10 to 20 and the physicians were able to confirm their worst fears by stating that she could not even perceive light.

When Nicolly was a baby, the only way she could interact with her mother was via physical contact, namely holding and touching.

Nicolly’s mother, on the other hand, did not give up the fight. Daiana Pereira had faith that soon, her daughter will open her eyes and ears to what was going on.

Seven different operations had been attempted on Nicolly to treat her medical issues, but none of them had been effective. After some time had passed, Daiana wrote a story about Nicolly and shared it on Facebook.

Just in the nick of time, her story became quite popular online. Soon after, a concerned individual reached out to the International Kids Fund (Wonderfund) of the Jackson Health Foundation. In order to assist Nicolly, the International Kids Fund collaborated with the Kevin Garcia Foundation.

In the end, the organizations were successful in raising $17,000 US dollars to cover the cost of Nicolly’s operation at Bascom Palmer. After that, Nicolly had an operation that lasted for three hours to give her back her sight.

Thankfully, the eighth operation turned out to be a success! The pressure in Nicolly’s eyes went from 50 to 12 when she took some medication.

When the doctor finally took off her eye patches after the operation, it was undeniably a reassuring and comforting moment .

At first, she was taken aback by her newly acquired sight, and she gazed about the room with an inquisitive expression on her face. After then, she looked into her mother’s eyes, and the events that followed were very moving.

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