Video: Hilarious reaction of the audience when they learned the singing girl’s real age…

After discovering the age of one of contestants on Britain’s Got Talent, the audience couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

Immi Davis performed on the stage of the London Palladium in the long-running talent competition and fans were taken aback as Davis revealed her age after belting out an outstanding version of “I Put a Spell On You.”

Davis came into the competition with an already impressive stage presence; in response to a query from judge Simon Cowell about why she selected the classic song, Davis said, quoting herself, “It’s because I’ve been practicing it.” It’s a level playing field.

What followed was Davis completely screaming out the song and demonstrating that age has nothing to do with musical ability. However, when the exceptional vocalist revealed to the judges that she is only nine years old, the audience was even more taken aback.

On Twitter, many were quick to comment to Davis’ performance, with one person stating, “Davis was fantastic. What a joy it is to see a youngster who has genuine talent, without the patronizing nonsense that so often surrounds them.

This young lady is outstanding, and there will be no pity votes or sob apologies. Simply said, she has a fantastic, powerful, and wonderful voice. Pure, unadulterated skill, just remarkable!”

Meanwhile, another individual wrote: “I just like this kid’s outgoing, quirky, and humorous attitude! She has an incredible voice, and she performs songs from a wide variety of genres!

While doing LIVE “fun singing sessions,” she would often offer shout outs to her fans as well as fulfilling song requests. She is a blazing star in the industry!”

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