Video: In a video that quickly went viral on TikTok, graduating high school students surprised their former kindergarten teacher after she had retired and her reaction is just adorable…

There are probably one or two teachers who have had such a significant influence on our life that we will never be able to forget them. Jane Pearson, who taught kindergarten to eight of the children who graduated from Chesterton High School in Indiana, was that special person.

Mrs. Pearson was a teacher at the same school for the whole of her career, which spanned a total of 38 years. It was her thirteenth year of retirement, and the last group of kindergarten students she had taught had just just graduated from high school.

Some of her current kids had been working on a surprise for their favorite kindergarten teacher from when they were younger, and the big day was finally here.

The moving scene was captured on camera by Mrs. Pearson’s daughter, Kim Hamilton, who then uploaded the video to TikTok, where it has had over 3.1 million views since it was uploaded.

The first scene in the film shows Mrs. Pearson, her husband, and their daughter relaxing in the yard of their home. She is seen applauding and waving at graduates as they walk by, and then all of a sudden she turns to Kim and says, “What’s going on? ”

Someone can be heard saying “hello” in the background, and then Mrs. Pearson yells “Liz!” as a young lady dressed in graduation costume and a few other classmates follow her into her garden.

“Oh my goodness, I adore each and every one of you!”  Mrs. Pearson sprang up from her chair and cried, “Look at you!” before proceeding to embrace each and every person in the room. As she welcomes them, she exclaims, “You ladies are very stunning!”

A male graduate student joked and asked, “Me too?” which prompted laughs from the other students. From behind the camera, Kim tells the teacher, “That should be your last class of kindergarteners.” After Mrs. Pearson hears those remarks, she becomes tearful, and the film then comes to a close.

Kim shared her thoughts on the unforgettable experience with Viral Hog. “A student from the graduating class of 2022 (which was her final kindergarten class) approached me because they wanted to bring a group of past students together to surprise her”.

“I spent years of my life with mom at the school planning so that everything was flawless,” Kim said further,”i was there on nights and weekends.

She crafted one-of-a-kind memory books for every kid, and at the conclusion of the school year, she gave one to each of her pupils. She was in every sense of the word a one-of-a-kind educator.  This honor is rightfully bestowed upon her.”

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