Video: Mom to 7 children places a sign, saying, “This neighborhood is full with Karens!” after neighbors keep calling police on her kids…

Parenting is quite challenging no matter the size of your family, but especially if you have a lot of kids and Raquel Davis of Sacramento, California, is familiar with these challenges of parenting since she herself is a mom to seven children.

Outside of their house, skating is one of their favorite things to do when they have some spare time on their hands, though, on the other hand, her neighbors aren’t exactly jumping with joy over it. They  had previously lodged complaints about her children, but at this point, she has had enough of hearing them.

Because of this, she decided to place a sign that said “This neighborhood is full with Karens!” on the basketball court that belonged to her family.

Raquel claims that her neighbors have been complaining to the police on many occasions about her children’s excessive noise level: “they claim that kids are allegedly under the impression that they live in a park rather than in a quiet neighborhood.”

The mother said that her next-door neighbor had voiced their displeasure with how noisy her children were being and inquired as to whether or not they could keep the volume down.

As a matter of this, she instructed her children to heed what they said and keep their voices down while they were in the presence of the aforementioned neighbor.

When Raquel’s neighbor left with a scowl on his face, she claimed that she could no longer take the insults and that she could no longer put up with them.

As a response to this, Raquel made the decision to write a letter that would be sent to everyone in her area and after it had been set up, the message was affixed to the basketball hoop.

Raquel said, “I didn’t realize it was not allowed for youngsters to be outdoors skating and also I couldn’t help but feel that this was my son’s birthday celebration.

They’re out skating, and I think it was the last thing that sent me over the edge. My very final point. I have no idea what to do, which is why I posted the sign.

She claims that during the last several months, the police had been summoned on at least three separate occasions. She expressed her frustration by saying, “so now that it’s with my kids and the police are being called on them, I don’t really know how to handle this when they’re just skating.”

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